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PIs within the InFLAMES Flagship

PIs within the InFLAMES Flagship


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The InFLAMES Flagship (Innovation Ecosystem based on the Immune System) is a joint organization of the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University aiming at being an internationally recognized, top-level, immunological research and development cluster that will be globally attractive both for researchers and business partners. We are part of the Academy of Finland’s Flagship Programme.

Åbo Akademi University InFLAMES-associated PIs:

Eleanor Coffey: Kinase function in the brain
Silvia Gramolelli: Viral oncogenesis
Guillaume Jacquemet: Cell migration and image analyses
Annika Meinander: Inflammatory signalling
Cecilia Sahlgren: Cell fate and bioengineering
Tiina Salminen: Structural immunology
Diana Toivola: Epithelial biology
Hongbo Zhang: Functional materials for medicine

Updated 30.4.2024