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Thiago Felipe Alves Pinto

Doctoral Candidate in Law, University of Oxford

I highly recommend the Master's Degree Programme for anyone who wishes to study human rights law in-depth, from a legal perspective.

Name: Thiago Felipe Alves Pinto
From: Brazil

Why I chose this programme: I always wanted to study law so that I would be able to address social problems. However, my first degree – Bachelor of Laws – did not offer any course in this area. Also, my whole education background was taught in Portuguese, and I knew that it would be important to study for my second degree in English. Then I realised that by studying human rights law, I could combine my interests in social issues and my background in law. I also knew that the education was excellent in the Nordic countries, that they offered many courses in English, and that it was relatively affordable. After some research, I found out about the Master in International Human Rights Law at Åbo Akademi University. I liked the structure of the programme, and decided to apply.

The studies: When I studied human rights at Åbo Akademi University, I found the subjects very challenging at first. I had to adapt quite quickly to a new style of study, but it was helpful to do so in an international environment. There were fewer classes and more independent studies than I was used to at that point. Yet, the topics taught in the course were very informative. I learned about several specialised human rights subjects in the lectures with highly qualified professors, from conversations with international students taking the course, and from an internship opportunity that would not be possible without being part of the programme. The research for my thesis was equally independent and very challenging, but it enabled me to develop valuable researching skills.

Additional comment: After I had finished the degree in 2013, I realised how instrumental the courses that I took were for my career. Everything that I learned at the Institute for Human Rights helped me in my future career in international organizations and academia. My first role after my Master’s Degree was working with the International Organization for Migration on counter-trafficking and development projects. I am currently (2018) a Doctoral Candidate in Law at the University of Oxford. For the last two years, I have also been Graduate Teaching Assistant for Human Rights and a Human Rights Law Tutor at the University of Oxford. It would be impossible for me to hold these positions without having been properly trained in the field first. All these achievements are, in my opinion, evidence of the quality of the Master’s Programme in International Human Rights Law offered at Åbo Akademi University.