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Eleonora Del Gaudio, PhD candidate

Eleonora Del Gaudio

Doctoral Candidate in Public International Law, Åbo Akademi University; and International Affiliate Manager for EMERGENCY (NGO)

I strongly recommend the Master's Degree Programme for students who are interested in human rights and are ready to challenge themselves.

Name: Eleonora Del Gaudio
From: Italy/Ethiopia

Why I chose this programme: The inspiration to apply to the Master’s Degree Programme in International Human Rights Law at Åbo Akademi University emerged from the many years I spent working with non-governmental organizations in Africa. I felt the need to understand at a deeper level the international framework of human rights, the main institutions and actors, the core legal instruments, the most recent developments and dynamics. I could not have done a better choice than to join this programme which has been an eye opener from many perspectives both at the professional and personal level.

The studies: The Master’s Programme offered me a meaningful opportunity to discover, learn and dive deeply into a broad and complex range of topics within this field of law. The environment at the Institute for Human Rights is extremely professional and friendly with an open dialogue guiding students in their learning pathway. Quality and diversity are enriching aspects of both the teaching and the research offered at the Institute. The overall structure of the master and the breadth of subjects taught provide students with an excellent platform to enhance their knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Additional comments: I strongly recommend the programme for students who are interested in human rights and are ready to challenge themselves in order to build important foundations for a career in this area.