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Call for abstracts


You are welcome to present your research at the conference either in the form of a paper presentation or as a symposium. Each person can contribute up to two presentations. Language of presentations can be any of the Scandinavian languages (requires a PowerPoint-slideshow in English) or English.

For further requirements, please see below:

Paper presentation

30 minutes in total: 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion.

Abstract requirements for paper presentations:

  • Abstract should be written in English
  • 250–300 words (not including references)
  • Name and affiliation of presenter(s)
  • Informative title
  • Background for the study, aims, method and (expected) results
  • References (3–5)
  • 1–3 keywords (to classify the abstracts)


90 minutes in total. Symposia build on a specific theme and are organised by individuals who recruit speakers to present papers. In addition, the session often includes one or more invited discussants. Symposia are typically organised as follows: (1) Introduction, (2) three or four individual presentations, (3) discussion. The symposium organiser will be the chair of the symposium unless other information is provided in the proposal. The congress organisers decide how many symposia are feasible at the congress.

Proposal requirements for symposia sessions:

  • Proposals should be written in English
  • Name and affiliation of organiser
  • Informative title
  • An introductory abstract of 100–­150­ words describing the entire symposium
  • Individual abstracts for each presentation following the same abstract guidelines as for regular presentations (see above).


Abstracts and symposia proposals should be submitted by December 15, 2022 to nofa9@abo.fi

For further information contact Carina Österåker, carina.osteraker@abo.fi 


Updated 4.11.2022