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Human Rights Day, 4 May 2023

Council of Europe Human Rights Day, 4 May 2023, Turku

As part of the project “Council of Europe DaysTelling the CoEs Story” on 4 May 2023, the Council of Europe Human Rights Day will be held for the first time in Turku, Finland. It will bring together leading expert speakers to discuss the Council of Europe’s impact on human rights in Finland. The event is organised with a view to encourage CoE Member States to play a leading role in ensuing that their citizens are able to exercise their rights and freedoms and participate in the building of democracies where they live.
The thematic focus of this event will be on resilience and civil participation at the municipal level. The event, aimed at decision-makers, experts, researchers and local residents, is jointly organised by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, the Human Rights Centre, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the City of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. The programme will include expert discussions, a public event and a research seminar.
The research seminar will be held around the topic of “Civil participation in local decision-making on fundamental and human rights issues”. It challenges us to think about participation in local decision-making outside the election context, in particular on issues affecting the fundamental and human rights of local inhabitants. It provides both theoretical and practical perspectives on civil participation, using the examples of a European human rights city and the Finnish context. Please register for the research seminar by 26 April 2023 through this link.
Contact for the Human Rights Day Research Seminar: Anniina Varho, Project Coordinator (mia.varho@abo.fi)