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Carbon neutrality and handprint of higher education institutions

The higher education institutions in Turku are organising a joint sustainability event on 19 September 2023. Students, researchers and staff from all universities are invited to participate and discuss and learn about sustainability in various ways.

This is the first sustainability event of its kind organised jointly by the higher education institutions in Turku. The aim is to bring together local experts, to network, and increase collaboration as well as raise awareness and increase the visibility of the sustainability work done in higher education institutions.

Futurist Mikko Dufva from the Finnish innovation fund Sitra opens the event with an inspirational message and a rector panel will discuss the role of higher education institutions and why collaboration and sharing knowledge should be fostered in the region.

Also, a number of experts from the participating universities will be presenting in a series of workshops. The themes of these workshops are:

  • Promoting sustainable mobility at higher education institutions
  • The role of student unions in reducing the carbon footprint
  • Sustainability as an integral part of research and development projects
  • The handprint of higher education institutions

The event will be held in English. Registration for the event through this link.

The event is organised by Novia University of Applied Sciences, Turku University of Applied Sciences, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University.

More information and detailed programme.

Further inquiries:

Stefan Willför, Director of Security and Sustainability