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Travel information for course participants

Travel information for course participants

Traveling from the airport in Turku to the city centre

There is a bus connection (bus no. 1) from Turku airport to the city centre (Linnankatu). The trip from the airport to the Market Square takes 20 minutes. A single bus ticket is EUR 3 (EUR 4 for night buses between 11 pm – 4 am) and it is valid for transfers on all local buses for up to two hours. There are also taxis, which can take you from the airport straight to the course venue or accommodation provider.

Bus timetables and routes in Turku

Turku Airport

Traveling from the airport in Helsinki to Turku

There is a bus connection from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to the Turku bus station (in Finnish: linja-autoasema). It takes approximately 2-2,5 hours by express bus, and around 3 hours by a regular bus connection. Please note that all bus connections between Helsinki-Vantaa airport and Turku are not direct connections and you may have to change the bus in Espoo. The bus personnel will inform you about the change and your luggage will be transferred by the bus personnel.

Alternatively, you can take a local bus or commuter train from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to the centre of Helsinki and continue from there by train or by bus to Turku. You can also take a plane and a connecting flight from Helsinki to Turku.

Please note that you can get long-distance bus or train tickets at a reduced price if you buy them online.

For bus timetables and online ticket purchase with the national long-distance bus service Matkahuolto, please see here.

For train timetables and tickets please see here.

Other tips for traveling to Turku

You can also travel to Turku by plane from Stockholm.

There are also cruise lines operating between Stockholm and Turku: Viking Line and Tallink Silja LIne. The boat trip takes approximately 11 hours. From the Turku harbour there is a bus connection (bus no. 1) to the Market Square.

City of Turku

Turku Tourist Information

Please take the necessary steps to ensure that your insurance covers illnesses or accidents during your stay in Turku.

Updated 2.11.2018