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Bild av Akademisalens podium


Bild av Akademisalens podium




The reception at Vaasa City Hall is arranged 23.11 at 19.00-22.00 (Senaatinkatu 1).



Welcome Speech – Director of Education and Culture service Christina Knookala

Music – Rockföreningen vid Åbo Akademi

Light buffet



  • Chicken- and vegetable salad with pesto
  • Tomatoes from Ivars family farm with mozzarella and olives
  • Roasted rootvegetable salad with goat cheese and lingonberries
  • Cabbage salad with radishes and crème fraîche
  • Green salad with melon and cucumber
  • Sourdough bread and butter


  • Salmon with horseradish butter
  • Creamed potatoes with dill
  • Vegetarian option; Sautéed mushrooms, kale and tofu. Oat creamed potatoes


  • Mjöli Bakery seabuckthorne pastry with coffee or tea

Updated 15.11.2023