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Minority Studies

Minority Studies

The minor subject in Minority Studies is a multidisciplinary teaching program that provides students an opportunity to widen their knowledge in the field of broadly understood minority studies. This includes conceptual, methodological, theoretical and thematic competences. It also touches on the concept of minority and the need for it, intersectionality, culture and identity, social justice, diversity, power and privilege, and all kinds of “isms”. Theories and methods in minority research as well as historical and contemporary development of the law on minorities, the so-called old and new minorities, law on religion and minorities, minorities in education and media, and language and cultural support in teaching will be addressed.

The fees for open university courses

From August 1, 2024, Åbo Akademi University will implement a pricing system for its Open University courses based on the number of study credits. The pricing structure will be as follows:

  • Basic Studies (and other introductory courses): €12 per credit.
  • Intermediate Studies and Advanced Studies: €15 per credit.

Degree students at Åbo Akademi University are exempted from the course fee.

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Doing Critical Disability Studies and Practicing Antiableisms (5 ECTS), online course with distance teaching.

Read more about course content and -times in the Study Guide.
Time: 25.9–12.12.2024, lectures on Zoom, Wednesdays 17.00-18.30.
Price: 60€
Teacher: MA Anastasia Khodyreva
Enrolment 12.8–17.9.2024.
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