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CVs and applications

Your CV summarisies you, your knowledge and competencies. It is often your first impression to the employer and its purpose is to make the employer interested in you and trust you. Aim for an informative, visually clear and structured CV.

Your application, or cover letter, should answer the job advertisement (if one exists). The CV and application should complement, not repeat, each other. In the application you need to describe why you are interested in the work tasks and in what way your knowledge and competencies can be of use in the positions.

The preferences and expectations or the reader or recruiter often determine what is seen as relevant. The things you may feel are irrelevant can sometimes be seen as very relevant by someone else. It is often a good idea to include also less prestigious experience in your CV since many of your skills might have been developed during those experiences.

The Career Services offer CV-clinics with professional CV-feedback.

Guide: CV and application

TEK guides and CV-templates in (FIN/SVE/ENG)

Updated 8.7.2022