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ÅAU alumni in working life

What can I do after graduation?

Irrespective of whether you are still studying, have recently graduated or just thinking of beginning your studies at Åbo Akademi University the question has surely passed you mind at some point: For what kind of jobs are you qualified for after graduation?

The Career Services gathers information on how graduates from Åbo Akademi University place on the labour market. In these reports we present information on unemployment, salaries, first jobs and job descriptions. Unfortunately, there is no up to date placement information available in English, current statistics are found in Swedish (change language in top right corner).

National reports in English

Töissä.fi -portal you can find some information on what kind of positions university graduates occupy five years after graduation.

Statistic interactive report on Master degree holders, (graduated 2012, situation in 2017)

Statistic interactive report on Doctor degree holders, (graduated 2014, situation in 2017)



Åbo Akademi University is part of national Career Monitoring within Aarresaari network

For more information, please contact the Career Services.

Updated 8.6.2018