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Åbo Akademi University Communications

Åbo Akademi University Communications

The media is welcome to contact the Communications department on:

Director of Communication
Thurid Eriksson
Phone: +358 400 534 430
E-mail: thurid.eriksson@abo.fi

Editorial Director
Pamela Friström
Phone: +358 50 475 6422
E-mail: pamela.fristrom@abo.fi

Editor, Meddelanden från Åbo Akademi
Marcus Prest
E-mail: marcus.prest@abo.fi

Communications Specialist, Vaasa
Catrin Sandvik

Phone: +358 50 433 8423
E-mail: catrin.sandvik@abo.fi

Internal Communications Specialist
Matias Dahlbäck
Phone: +358 50 475 1515
E-mail: matias.dahlback@abo.fi

Communications Specialist
Emma Björkqvist
Phone: +358 50 362 5847
E-mail: emma.bjorkqvist@abo.fi

Åbo Akademi University Communications is located in Gripen, 2nd floor. Address: Tuomiokirkontori 3, Turku. The Content Production Team can be reached on communications@abo.fi.


Updated 15.3.2024