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ÅAFPC – Publications 2018

ÅAFPC – Publications 2018

Åbo Akademi Functional Printing Center publications 2018:

Jain, A., Bansal, K. K., Tiwari, A., Rosling, A., and Rosenholm, J. M. (2019). Role of Polymers in 3D Printing Technology for Drug Delivery – An Overview. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 24(42):4979–4990. [ DOI ]

(2019). Microfluidics for Pharmaceutical Applications. Elsevier. [ DOI ]

Zhang, Y., Liu, D., Zhang, H., and Santos, H. A. (2019). Microfluidic mixing and devices for preparing nanoparticulate drug delivery systems. In Microfluidics for Pharmaceutical Applications, pages 155–177. Elsevier. [ DOI ]

Ahläng, C., Sandberg, O. J., and Österbacka, R. (2018). Two-dimensional drift-diffusion study of mid-gap states and subsequent vacuum level shifts at interfaces in bulk-heterojunction solar cells. Physical Review B, 98(7). [ DOI ]

Chirico, G., Dacarro, G., ORegan, C., Peltonen, J., Sarfraz, J., Taglietti, A., Borzenkov, M., and Pallavicini, P. (2018). Photothermally Responsive Inks for Inkjet-Printing Secure Information. Particle & Particle Systems Characterization, 35(9):1800095. [ DOI ]

Dahlström, S., Sandberg, O. J., Nyman, M., and Österbacka, R. (2018). Determination of Charge-Carrier Mobility and Built-In Potential in Thin-Film Organic M-I-M Diodes from Extraction-Current Transients. Physical Review Applied, 10(5). [ DOI ]

Edinger, M., Bar-Shalom, D., Sandler, N., Rantanen, J., and Genina, N. (2018). QR encoded smart oral dosage forms by inkjet printing. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 536(1):138–145. [ DOI ]

Holländer, J., Hakala, R., Suominen, J., Moritz, N., Yliruusi, J., and Sandler, N. (2018). 3D printed UV light cured polydimethylsiloxane devices for drug delivery. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 544(2):433–442. [ DOI ]

Jarolímová, Z., Han, T., Mattinen, U., Bobacka, J., and Bakker, E. (2018). Capacitive Model for Coulometric Readout of Ion-Selective Electrodes. Analytical Chemistry, 90(14):8700–8707. [ DOI ]

Kummala, R., Xu, W., Xu, C., and Toivakka, M. (2018). Stiffness and swelling characteristics of nanocellulose films in cell culture media. Cellulose, 25(9):4969–4978. [ DOI ]

Liu, D., Zhang, H., Fontana, F., Hirvonen, J. T., and Santos, H. A. (2018a). Current developments and applications of microfluidic technology toward clinical translation of nanomedicines. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 128:54–83. [ DOI ]

Liu, X., Zhang, H., Cheng, R., Gu, Y., Yin, Y., Sun, Z., Pan, G., Deng, Z., Yang, H., Deng, L., Cui, W., Santos, H. A., and Shi, Q. (2018b). An immunological electrospun scaffold for tumor cell killing and healthy tissue regeneration. Materials Horizons, 5(6):1082–1091. [ DOI ]

Ocaña, C., Abramova, N., Bratov, A., Lindfors, T., and Bobacka, J. (2018). Calcium-selective electrodes based on photo-cured polyurethane-acrylate membranes covalently attached to methacrylate functionalized poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) as solid-contact. Talanta, 186:279–285. [ DOI ]

Sandberg, O. J. (2018). Effect of the depletion layer capacitance on the mobility determination using transient current extraction of doping-induced charge carriers. Journal of Photonics for Energy, 8(03):1. [ DOI ]

Sarfraz, J., Borzenkov, M., Niemelä, E., Weinberger, C., Törngren, B., Rosqvist, E., Collini, M., Pallavicini, P., Eriksson, J., Peltonen, J., Ihalainen, P., and Chirico, G. (2018a). Photo-thermal and cytotoxic properties of inkjet-printed copper sulfide films on biocompatible latex coated substrates. Applied Surface Science, 435:1087–1095. [ DOI ]

Sarfraz, J., Fogde, A., Ihalainen, P., and Peltonen, J. (2018b). The performance of inkjet-printed copper acetate based hydrogen sulfide gas sensor on a flexible plastic substrate – varying ink composition and print density. Applied Surface Science, 445:89–96. [ DOI ]

Karaman, D. S., Manner, S., and Rosenholm, J. M. (2018). Mesoporous silica nanoparticles as diagnostic and therapeutic tools: how can they combat bacterial infection? Therapeutic Delivery, 9(4):241–244. [ DOI ]

Sen Karaman, D., Patrignani, G., Rosqvist, E., Smått, J.-H., Orlowska, A., Mustafa, R., Preis, M., and Rosenholm, J. M. (2018). Mesoporous silica nanoparticles facilitating the dissolution of poorly soluble drugs in orodispersible films. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 122:152–159. [ DOI ]

Veliz, D. S., Luoto, J. C., Pulli, I., and Toivakka, M. (2018). The influence of mineral particles on fibroblast behaviour: A comparative study. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 167:239–251. [ DOI ]

Sun, X., Zhang, H., He, J., Cheng, R., Cao, Y., Che, K., Cheng, L., Zhang, L., Pan, G., Ni, P., Deng, L., Zhang, Y., Santos, H. A., and Cui, W. (2018). Adjustable hardness of hydrogel for promoting vascularization and maintaining stemness of stem cells in skin flap regeneration. Applied Materials Today, 13:54–63. [ DOI ]

Sund, P., Pettersson, F., Österbacka, R., and Wilén, C.-E. (2018). Conductivity, interaction and solubility of hetero-bifunctional end-capped , ‘-dihexylsubstituted sexithiophenes. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 135(43):46830. [ DOI ]

Wang, Y., Zhou, W., Chen, F., Sun, K., Zhang, J., Özliseli, E., and Rosenholm, J. M. (2018). Terbium complexes encapsulated in hierarchically organized hybrid MOF particles toward stable luminescence in aqueous media. CrystEngComm, 20(30):4225–4229. [ DOI ]

Xia, G., Zhang, H., Cheng, R., Wang, H., Song, Z., Deng, L., Huang, X., Santos, H. A., and Cui, W. (2018). Localized Controlled Delivery of Gemcitabine via Microsol Electrospun Fibers to Prevent Pancreatic Cancer Recurrence. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 7(18):1800593. [ DOI ]

Xu, C., Molino, B. Z., Wang, X., Cheng, F., Xu, W., Molino, P., Bacher, M., Su, D., Rosenau, T., Willför, S., and Wallace, G. (2018a). 3D printing of nanocellulose hydrogel scaffolds with tunable mechanical strength towards wound healing application. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 6(43):7066–7075. [ DOI ]

Xu, W., Pranovich, A., Uppstu, P., Wang, X., Kronlund, D., Hemming, J., Öblom, H., Moritz, N., Preis, M., Sandler, N., Willför, S., and Xu, C. (2018b). Novel biorenewable composite of wood polysaccharide and polylactic acid for three dimensional printing. Carbohydrate Polymers, 187:51–58. [ DOI ]

Xu, W., Wang, X., Sandler, N., Willför, S., and Xu, C. (2018c). Three-Dimensional Printing of Wood-Derived Biopolymers: A Review Focused on Biomedical Applications. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 6(5):5663–5680. [ DOI ]

Zhang, Y., Tu, J., Wang, D., Zhu, H., Maity, S. K., Qu, X., Bogaert, B., Pei, H., and Zhang, H. (2018). Programmable and Multifunctional DNA-Based Materials for Biomedical Applications. Advanced Materials, 30(24):1703658. [ DOI ]

Zhong, R., Tang, Q., Wang, S., Zhang, H., Zhang, F., Xiao, M., Man, T., Qu, X., Li, L., Zhang, W., and Pei, H. (2018). Self-Assembly of Enzyme-Like Nanofibrous G-Molecular Hydrogel for Printed Flexible Electrochemical Sensors. Advanced Materials, 30(12):1706887. [ DOI ]

Liu, Z., Li, Y., Li, W., Xiao, C., Liu, D., Dong, C., Zhang, M., Mäkilä, E., Kemell, M., Salonen, J., Hirvonen, J. T., Zhang, H., Zhou, D., Deng, X., and Santos, H. A. (2017). Multifunctional Nanohybrid Based on Porous Silicon Nanoparticles, Gold Nanoparticles, and Acetalated Dextran for Liver Regeneration and Acute Liver Failure Theranostics. Advanced Materials, 30(24):1703393. [ DOI ]

Yildir, E., Sjöholm, E., Preis, M., Trivedi, P., Trygg, J., Fardim, P., and Sandler, N. (2017). Investigation of dissolved cellulose in development of buccal discs for oromucosal drug delivery. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 23(5):520–529. [ DOI ]

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