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ÅAFPC – Publications 2017

ÅAFPC – Publications 2017

Åbo Akademi Functional Printing Center publications 2017:

Aho, J., Halme, A., Boetker, J., Water, J. J., Bohr, A., Sandler, N., Rantanen, J., and Baldursdottir, S. (2017). The effect of HPMC and MC as pore formers on the rheology of the implant microenvironment and the drug release in vitro. Carbohydrate Polymers, 177:433–442. [ DOI ]

Balasubramanian, V., Correia, A., Zhang, H., Fontana, F., Mäkilä, E., Salonen, J., Hirvonen, J., and Santos, H. A. (2017). Biomimetic Engineering Using Cancer Cell Membranes for Designing Compartmentalized Nanoreactors with Organelle-Like Functions. Advanced Materials, 29(11):1605375. [ DOI ]

Chen, L., Chao, J., Qu, X., Zhang, H., Zhu, D., Su, S., Aldalbahi, A., Wang, L., and Pei, H. (2017). Probing Cellular Molecules with PolyA-Based Engineered Aptamer Nanobeacon. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(9):8014–8020. [ DOI ]

Ding, J., He, N., Lisak, G., Qin, W., and Bobacka, J. (2017). Paper-based microfluidic sampling and separation of analytes for potentiometric ion sensing. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 243:346–352. [ DOI ]

Herranz-Blanco, B., Ginestar, E., Zhang, H., Hirvonen, J., and Santos, H. A. (2017). Microfluidics platform for glass capillaries and its application in droplet and nanoparticle fabrication. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 516(1-2):100–105. [ DOI ]

Joon, N. K., He, N., Wagner, M., Cárdenas, M., Bobacka, J., and Lisak, G. (2017). Influence of phosphate buffer and proteins on the potentiometric response of a polymeric membrane-based solid-contact Pb(II) ion-selective electrode. Electrochimica Acta, 252:490–497. [ DOI ]

Kaasalainen, M., Aseyev, V., von Haartman, E., Karaman, D. S., Mäkilä, E., Tenhu, H., Rosenholm, J., and Salonen, J. (2017). Size, Stability, and Porosity of Mesoporous Nanoparticles Characterized with Light Scattering. Nanoscale Research Letters, 12(1). [ DOI ]

Kumar, V., Forsberg, S., Engström, A.-C., Nurmi, M., Andres, B., Dahlström, C., and Toivakka, M. (2017). Conductive nanographitenanocellulose coatings on paper. Flexible and Printed Electronics, 2(3):035002. [ DOI ]

Latonen, R.-M., Määttänen, A., Ihalainen, P., Xu, W., Pesonen, M., Nurmi, M., and Xu, C. (2017). Conducting ink based on cellulose nanocrystals and polyaniline for flexographical printing. Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 5(46):12172–12181. [ DOI ]

Li, W., Liu, D., Zhang, H., Correia, A., Mäkilä, E., Salonen, J., Hirvonen, J., and Santos, H. A. (2017). Microfluidic assembly of a nano-in-micro dual drug delivery platform composed of halloysite nanotubes and a pH-responsive polymer for colon cancer therapy. Acta Biomaterialia, 48:238–246. [ DOI ]

Liu, D., Zhang, H., Cito, S., Fan, J., Mäkilä, E., Salonen, J., Hirvonen, J., Sikanen, T. M., Weitz, D. A., and Santos, H. A. (2017a). Core/Shell Nanocomposites Produced by Superfast Sequential Microfluidic Nanoprecipitation. Nano Letters, 17(2):606–614. [ DOI ]

Liu, D., Zhang, H., Fontana, F., Hirvonen, J. T., and Santos, H. A. (2017b). Microfluidic-assisted fabrication of carriers for controlled drug delivery. Lab on a Chip, 17(11):1856–1883. [ DOI ]

Maleki, A., Kettiger, H., Schoubben, A., Rosenholm, J. M., Ambrogi, V., and Hamidi, M. (2017). Mesoporous silica materials: From physico-chemical properties to enhanced dissolution of poorly water-soluble drugs. Journal of Controlled Release, 262:329–347. [ DOI ]

Markstedt, K., Xu, W., Liu, J., Xu, C., and Gatenholm, P. (2017). Synthesis of tunable hydrogels based on O-acetyl-galactoglucomannans from spruce. Carbohydrate Polymers, 157:1349–1357. [ DOI ]

Masood, M. T., Weinberger, C., Sarfraz, J., Rosqvist, E., Sandén, S., Sandberg, O. J., Vivo, P., Hashmi, G., Lund, P. D., Österbacka, R., and Smått, J.-H. (2017). Impact of Film Thickness of Ultrathin Dip-Coated Compact TiO2 Layers on the Performance of Mesoscopic Perovskite Solar Cells. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(21):17906–17913. [ DOI ]

Näreoja, T., Rosenholm, J. M., Lamminmäki, U., and Hänninen, P. E. (2017). Super-sensitive time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay for thyroid-stimulating hormone utilizing europium(III) nanoparticle labels achieved by protein corona stabilization, short binding time, and serum preprocessing. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 409(13):3407–3416. [ DOI ]

Nyman, M., Sandberg, O. J., Dahlström, S., Spoltore, D., Körner, C., Zhang, Y., Barlow, S., Marder, S. R., Leo, K., Vandewal, K., and Österbacka, R. (2017). Doping-induced carrier profiles in organic semiconductors determined from capacitive extraction-current transients. Scientific Reports, 7(1). [ DOI ]

Palo, M., Holländer, J., Suominen, J., Yliruusi, J., and Sandler, N. (2017a). 3D printed drug delivery devices: perspectives and technical challenges. Expert Review of Medical Devices, 14(9):685–696. [ DOI ]

Palo, M., Kogermann, K., Laidmäe, I., Meos, A., Preis, M., Heinämäki, J., and Sandler, N. (2017b). Development of Oromucosal Dosage Forms by Combining Electrospinning and Inkjet Printing. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 14(3):808–820. [ DOI ]

Pesonen, M. A., Frisk, J. V., and Österbacka, R. M. (2017). Voltage dependent reduction rates of graphene oxide in cell culture medium, deionized water, and an ionic liquid. Organic Electronics, 47:66–71. [ DOI ]

Preis, M. and Rosenholm, J. M. (2017). Printable nanomedicines: the future of customized drug delivery? Therapeutic Delivery, 8(9):721–723. [ DOI ]

Qu, X., Li, M., Zhang, H., Lin, C., Wang, F., Xiao, M., Zhou, Y., Shi, J., Aldalbahi, A., Pei, H., Chen, H., and Li, L. (2017a). Real-Time Continuous Identification of Greenhouse Plant Pathogens Based on Recyclable Microfluidic Bioassay System. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(37):31568–31575. [ DOI ]

Qu, X., Yang, F., Chen, H., Li, J., Zhang, H., Zhang, G., Li, L., Wang, L., Song, S., Tian, Y., and Pei, H. (2017b). Bubble-Mediated Ultrasensitive Multiplex Detection of Metal Ions in Three-Dimensional DNA Nanostructure-Encoded Microchannels. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(19):16026–16034. [ DOI ]

Qu, X., Zhang, H., Chen, H., Aldalbahi, A., Li, L., Tian, Y., Weitz, D. A., and Pei, H. (2017c). Convection-Driven Pull-Down Assays in Nanoliter Droplets Using Scaffolded Aptamers. Analytical Chemistry, 89(6):3468–3473. [ DOI ]

Raijada, D., Arnfast, L., Bond, A. D., Aho, J., Bøtker, J., Sandler, N., and Rantanen, J. (2017). Dehydration of Nitrofurantoin Monohydrate during Melt Extrusion. Crystal Growth & Design, 17(7):3707–3715. [ DOI ]

Reddy, K. L., Prabhakar, N., Arppe, R., Rosenholm, J. M., and Krishnan, V. (2017). Microwave-assisted one-step synthesis of acetate-capped NaYF4:Yb/Er upconversion nanocrystals and their application in bioimaging. Journal of Materials Science, 52(10):5738–5750. [ DOI ]

Saarinen, J. J., Remonen, T., Tobjörk, D., Aarnio, H., Bollström, R., Österbacka, R., and Toivakka, M. (2017). Large-Scale Roll-to-Roll Patterned Oxygen Indicators for Modified Atmosphere Packages. Packaging Technology and Science, 30(5):219–227. [ DOI ]

Sahlgren, C., Meinander, A., Zhang, H., Cheng, F., Preis, M., Xu, C., Salminen, T. A., Toivola, D., Abankwa, D., Rosling, A., Karaman, D. S., Salo-Ahen, O. M. H., Österbacka, R., Eriksson, J. E., Willför, S., Petre, I., Peltonen, J., Leino, R., Johnson, M., Rosenholm, J., and Sandler, N. (2017). Tailored Approaches in Drug Development and Diagnostics: From Molecular Design to Biological Model Systems. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 6(21):1700258. [ DOI ]

Sandberg, O. J., Nyman, M., Dahlström, S., Sandén, S., Törngren, B., Smått, J.-H., and Österbacka, R. (2017a). On the validity of MIS-CELIV for mobility determination in organic thin-film devices. Applied Physics Letters, 110(15):153504. [ DOI ]

Sandberg, O. J., Sandén, S., Sundqvist, A., Smått, J.-H., and Österbacka, R. (2017b). Determination of Surface Recombination Velocities at Contacts in Organic Semiconductor Devices Using Injected Carrier Reservoirs. Physical Review Letters, 118(7). [ DOI ]

Sandén, S., Wilson, N. M., Nyman, M., and Österbacka, R. (2017a). Characterization of recombination in P3HT:fullerene blends: Clarifying the influence of interfacial states. Organic Electronics, 42:131–140. [ DOI ]

Sandén, S., Wilson, N. M., Wang, E., and Österbacka, R. (2017b). Generation of Photoexcitations and Trap-Assisted Recombination in TQ1:PC71BM Blends. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121(14):8211–8219. [ DOI ]

Songok, J. and Toivakka, M. (2017). Modelling of capillary-driven flow for closed paper-based microfluidic channels. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 27(6):065001. [ DOI ]

Torvinen, K., Pettersson, F., Lahtinen, P., Arstila, K., Kumar, V., Österbacka, R., Toivakka, M., and Saarinen, J. J. (2017). Nanoporous kaolin – cellulose nanofibril composites for printed electronics. Flexible and Printed Electronics, 2(2):024004. [ DOI ]

Vakili, H., Wickström, H., Desai, D., Preis, M., and Sandler, N. (2017). Application of a handheld NIR spectrometer in prediction of drug content in inkjet printed orodispersible formulations containing prednisolone and levothyroxine. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 524(1-2):414–423. [ DOI ]

Varan, C., Wickström, H., Sandler, N., Aktas, Y., and Bilensoy, E. (2017). Inkjet printing of antiviral PCL nanoparticles and anticancer cyclodextrin inclusion complexes on bioadhesive film for cervical administration. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 531(2):701–713. [ DOI ]

Vivo, P., Ojanperä, A., Smått, J.-H., Sandén, S., Hashmi, S. G., Kaunisto, K., Ihalainen, P., Masood, M. T., Österbacka, R., Lund, P. D., and Lemmetyinen, H. (2017). Influence of TiO2 compact layer precursor on the performance of perovskite solar cells. Organic Electronics, 41:287–293. [ DOI ]

Wickström, H., Hilgert, E., Nyman, J., Desai, D., Karaman, D. S., de Beer, T., Sandler, N., and Rosenholm, J. (2017). Inkjet Printing of Drug-Loaded Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles – A Platform for Drug Development. Molecules, 22(11):2020. [ DOI ]

Zhang, H., Liu, D., Wang, L., Liu, Z., Wu, R., Janoniene, A., Ma, M., Pan, G., Baranauskiene, L., Zhang, L., Cui, W., Petrikaite, V., Matulis, D., Zhao, H., Pan, J., and Santos, H. A. (2017). Microfluidic Encapsulation of Prickly Zinc-Doped Copper Oxide Nanoparticles with VD1142 Modified Spermine Acetalated Dextran for Efficient Cancer Therapy. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 6(11):1601406. [ DOI ]

Fontana, F., Shahbazi, M.-A., Liu, D., Zhang, H., Mäkilä, E., Salonen, J., Hirvonen, J. T., and Santos, H. A. (2016). Multistaged Nanovaccines Based on Porous Silicon@Acetalated Dextran@Cancer Cell Membrane for Cancer Immunotherapy. Advanced Materials, 29(7):1603239. [ DOI ]

Sun, X., Lang, Q., Zhang, H., Cheng, L., Zhang, Y., Pan, G., Zhao, X., Yang, H., Zhang, Y., Santos, H. A., and Cui, W. (2016). Electrospun Photocrosslinkable Hydrogel Fibrous Scaffolds for Rapid In Vivo Vascularized Skin Flap Regeneration. Advanced Functional Materials, 27(2):1604617. [ DOI ]

Wickström, H., Nyman, J. O., Indola, M., Sundelin, H., Kronberg, L., Preis, M., Rantanen, J., and Sandler, N. (2016). Colorimetry as Quality Control Tool for Individual Inkjet-Printed Pediatric Formulations. AAPS PharmSciTech, 18(2):293–302. [ DOI ]

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