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ÅAFPC – Publications 2015

ÅAFPC – Publications 2015

Åbo Akademi Functional Printing Center publications 2015:

Asadpoordarvish, A., Sandström, A., Larsen, C., Bollström, R., Toivakka, M., Österbacka, R., and Edman, L. (2015). Light-Emitting Paper. Advanced Functional Materials, 25(21):3238–3245. [ DOI ]

Herranz-Blanco, B., Liu, D., Mäkilä, E., Shahbazi, M.-A., Ginestar, E., Zhang, H., Aseyev, V., Balasubramanian, V., Salonen, J., Hirvonen, J., and Santos, H. A. (2015). On-Chip Self-Assembly of a Smart Hybrid Nanocomposite for Antitumoral Applications. Advanced Functional Materials, 25(10):1488–1497. [ DOI ]

Hupa, E., Vanamo, U., and Bobacka, J. (2015). Novel Ion-to-Electron Transduction Principle for Solid-Contact ISEs. Electroanalysis, 27(3):591–594. [ DOI ]

Ihalainen, P., Määttänen, A., Pesonen, M., Sjöberg, P., Sarfraz, J., Österbacka, R., and Peltonen, J. (2015a). Paper-supported nanostructured ultrathin gold film electrodes Characterization and functionalization. Applied Surface Science, 329:321–329. [ DOI ]

Ihalainen, P., Määttänen, A., and Sandler, N. (2015b). Printing technologies for biomolecule and cell-based applications. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 494(2):585–592. [ DOI ]

Jalkanen, T., Määttänen, A., Mäkilä, E., Tuura, J., Kaasalainen, M., Lehto, V.-P., Ihalainen, P., Peltonen, J., and Salonen, J. (2015). Fabrication of Porous Silicon Based Humidity Sensing Elements on Paper. Journal of Sensors, 2015:1–10. [ DOI ]

Jasiński, A., Guziński, M., Lisak, G., Bobacka, J., and Bocheńska, M. (2015). Solid-contact lead(II) ion-selective electrodes for potentiometric determination of lead(II) in presence of high concentrations of Na(I), Cu(II), Cd(II), Zn(II), Ca(II) and Mg(II). Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 218:25–30. [ DOI ]

Juvonen, H., Oja, T., Määttänen, A., Sarfraz, J., Rosqvist, E., Riihimäki, T. A., Toivakka, M., Kulomaa, M., Vuorela, P., Fallarero, A., Peltonen, J., and Ihalainen, P. (2015). Protein and bacterial interactions with nanostructured polymer coatings. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 136:527–535. [ DOI ]

Kong, F., Zhang, X., Zhang, H., Qu, X., Chen, D., Servos, M., Mäkilä, E., Salonen, J., Santos, H. A., Hai, M., and Weitz, D. A. (2015). Inhibition of Multidrug Resistance of Cancer Cells by Co-Delivery of DNA Nanostructures and Drugs Using Porous Silicon Nanoparticles@Giant Liposomes. Advanced Functional Materials, 25(22):3330–3340. [ DOI ]

Koskela, J., Sarfraz, J., Ihalainen, P., Määttänen, A., Pulkkinen, P., Tenhu, H., Nieminen, T., Kilpelä, A., and Peltonen, J. (2015). Monitoring the quality of raw poultry by detecting hydrogen sulfide with printed sensors. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 218:89–96. [ DOI ]

Li, B., Xu, W., Kronlund, D., Määttänen, A., Liu, J., Smått, J.-H., Peltonen, J., Willför, S., Mu, X., and Xu, C. (2015). Cellulose nanocrystals prepared via formic acid hydrolysis followed by TEMPO-mediated oxidation. Carbohydrate Polymers, 133:605–612. [ DOI ]

Lisak, G., Arnebrant, T., Ruzgas, T., and Bobacka, J. (2015a). Textile-based sampling for potentiometric determination of ions. Analytica Chimica Acta, 877:71–79. [ DOI ]

Lisak, G., Cui, J., and Bobacka, J. (2015b). Paper-based microfluidic sampling for potentiometric determination of ions. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 207:933–939. [ DOI ]

Liu, D., Zhang, H., Mäkilä, E., Fan, J., Herranz-Blanco, B., Wang, C.-F., Rosa, R., Ribeiro, A. J., Salonen, J., Hirvonen, J., and Santos, H. A. (2015). Microfluidic assisted one-step fabrication of porous silicon@acetalated dextran nanocomposites for precisely controlled combination chemotherapy. Biomaterials, 39:249–259. [ DOI ]

Nyman, M., Sandberg, O. J., and Österbacka, R. (2015a). Charge transport in intercalated and non-intercalated polymer:fullerene blends. Synthetic Metals, 201:6–10. [ DOI ]

Nyman, M., Sandberg, O. J., and Österbacka, R. (2015b). The effect of 2D-Langevin and trap-assisted recombination on the open circuit voltage in organic solar cells. In Kafafi, Z. H., Lane, P. A., and Samuel, I. D. W., editors, Organic Photovoltaics XVI. SPIE. [ DOI ]

Palo, M., Kolakovic, R., Laaksonen, T., Määttänen, A., Genina, N., Salonen, J., Peltonen, J., and Sandler, N. (2015). Fabrication of drug-loaded edible carrier substrates from nanosuspensions by flexographic printing. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 494(2):603–610. [ DOI ]

Pettersson, F., Adekanye, D., and Österbacka, R. (2015a). Stability of environmentally friendly paper electronic devices. physica status solidi (a), 212(12):2696–2701. [ DOI ]

Pettersson, F., Koskela, J., Wikman, C.-J., Remonen, T., Wilen, C.-E., Kilpela, A., and Osterbacka, R. (2015b). Patterned Membrane as Substrate and Electrolyte in Depletion- and Enhancement Mode Ion-Modulated Transistors. IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society, 3(2):58–66. [ DOI ]

Pettersson, F., Remonen, T., Adekanye, D., Zhang, Y., Wilén, C.-E., and Österbacka, R. (2015c). Environmentally Friendly Transistors and Circuits on Paper. ChemPhysChem, 16(6):1286–1294. [ DOI ]

Preis, M., Breitkreutz, J., and Sandler, N. (2015). Perspective: Concepts of printing technologies for oral film formulations. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 494(2):578–584. [ DOI ]

Rosenholm, J. M., Vlasov, I. I., Burikov, S. A., Dolenko, T. A., and Shenderova, O. A. (2015). Nanodiamond-Based Composite Structures for Biomedical Imaging and Drug Delivery. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 15(2):959–971. [ DOI ]

Sarfraz, J., Määttänen, A., Törngren, B., Pesonen, M., Peltonen, J., and Ihalainen, P. (2015). Sub-ppm electrical detection of hydrogen sulfide gas at room temperature based on printed copper acetategold nanoparticle composite films. RSC Advances, 5(18):13525–13529. [ DOI ]

Vakili, H., Kolakovic, R., Genina, N., Marmion, M., Salo, H., Ihalainen, P., Peltonen, J., and Sandler, N. (2015). Hyperspectral imaging in quality control of inkjet printed personalised dosage forms. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 483(1-2):244–249. [ DOI ]

Valtakari, D., Bollström, R., Toivakka, M., and Saarinen, J. J. (2015a). Influence of anionic and cationic polyelectrolytes on the conductivity and morphology of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) films. Thin Solid Films, 590:170–176. [ DOI ]

Valtakari, D., Liu, J., Kumar, V., Xu, C., Toivakka, M., and Saarinen, J. J. (2015b). Conductivity of PEDOT:PSS on Spin-Coated and Drop Cast Nanofibrillar Cellulose Thin Films. Nanoscale Research Letters, 10(1). [ DOI ]

Vasiliauskas, R., Liu, D., Cito, S., Zhang, H., Shahbazi, M.-A., Sikanen, T., Mazutis, L., and Santos, H. A. (2015). Simple Microfluidic Approach to Fabricate Monodisperse Hollow Microparticles for Multidrug Delivery. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7(27):14822–14832. [ DOI ]

Water, J. J., Bohr, A., Boetker, J., Aho, J., Sandler, N., Nielsen, H. M., and Rantanen, J. (2015). Three-Dimensional Printing of Drug-Eluting Implants: Preparation of an Antimicrobial Polylactide Feedstock Material. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 104(3):1099–1107. [ DOI ]

Wickström, H., Palo, M., Rijckaert, K., Kolakovic, R., Nyman, J. O., Määttänen, A., Ihalainen, P., Peltonen, J., Genina, N., de Beer, T., Löbmann, K., Rades, T., and Sandler, N. (2015). Improvement of dissolution rate of indomethacin by inkjet printing. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 75:91–100. [ DOI ]

Xu, Q., Smått, J.-H., Peltonen, J., and Ihalainen, P. (2015). Fabrication of nanoperforated ultrathin TiO2 films by inkjet printing. Journal of Materials Research, 30(14):2151–2160. [ DOI ]

Zhang, J. and Rosenholm, J. M. (2015). The viability of mesoporous silica nanoparticles for drug delivery. Therapeutic Delivery, 6(8):891–893. [ DOI ]

Zhang, Q., Majumdar, H. S., Kaisti, M., Prabhu, A., Ivaska, A., Osterbacka, R., Rahman, A., and Levon, K. (2015). Surface Functionalization of Ion-Sensitive Floating-Gate Field-Effect Transistors With Organic Electronics. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 62(4):1291–1298. [ DOI ]

Zheng, X., Zhang, J., Wang, J., Qi, X., Rosenholm, J. M., and Cai, K. (2015). Polydopamine Coatings in Confined Nanopore Space: Toward Improved Retention and Release of Hydrophilic Cargo. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119(43):24512–24521. [ DOI ]

Ihalainen, P., Hämäläinen, T., Matilainen, K., Savolainen, A., Sipiläinen-Malm, T., Kaukoniemi, O.-V., Määttänen, A., Erho, T., Smolander, M., and Peltonen, J. (2014). Incorporation of laccase into surface-sized paper. Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, 12(2):365–373. [ DOI ]

Nyman, M., Sandberg, O. J., and Österbacka, R. (2014). 2D and Trap-Assisted 2D Langevin Recombination in Polymer:Fullerene Blends. Advanced Energy Materials, 5(5):1400890. [ DOI ]

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