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Vasa Övningsskola is a school in the city centre. Grades 1-6 are situated in the school’s Alfa building, whereas grades 7-9 are in the school’s Beta building.

Our pupils come from the centre and surrounding neighbourhood of Vaasa. A pupil’s neighbourhood school is decided based on the home address. The neighbouhood school areas are marked on the web pages of Vaasa map services which are maintained by the City of Vaasa (education > neighbouhood school area); the link is provided here:

In Vasa Övningsskola, grades 1-6 are divided into three work units. Nybörjarna (the Beginners) consists of grades 1-2, Påbyggarna (the Continuers) of grades 3-4 and Uppföljarna (the Followers-up) of grades 5-6. The special education teachers and non-permanent teachers cooperate with all the pupils and teachers. Also the school nurse, the school welfare officer and the school psychologist are a natural part of the school’s daily work.

In the beginners’ classes, we work for good basic skills in the various subjects according to the school curriculum and through varying and versatile pedagogical methods. Our pupils can participate in outdoor teaching and school activities, in reading and writing training supported by digital aids and in physical education focusing on motor activity and motion training. Additionally, subject-integrated teaching in English is offered.

Together with the Faculty of Education, Vasa Övningsskola is responsible for the Finland-Swedish teacher training, as the teacher students do supervised teaching practice at our school. For the endorsement of the pupils as well as the teacher students, we work for both pedagogical and organizational development of the school. Our classes are divided into both straight as well as combined classes.

Pupils in grades 1-2 who live in the catchment area of Vasa Övningsskola and whose way to school exceeds the set kilometre limit are entitled to school transport, by hired taxi (grade 1) and by bus (grade 2). The school transport guide and more information about school transports can be found here.

The school offers morning care for pupils in grade 1 and grade 2. The parents’ association. Föräldraföreningen för fritidsklubben i Vasa centrumområde r.f. arranges afternoon care after the end of the school day (Eftis).

Admission principles for the school year 2021-2021

Admission principles for elementary education (both 1-6 and 7-9) at Vasa Övningsskola in year 2021-2022


Enrolment to grade 1 within the Swedish-language basic education is done electronically through the Wilma program at the address 11.1-24.1.2021. The City of Vaasa homepage provides more information about the enrolment here!

Beginning school is both enjoyable and exciting. A booklet containing useful information when a family member is about to begin school is available here: Welcome to school (pdf, in Swedish)

Enrolment of new pupils during the school year is done on this form: Enrolment form

The form can be filled out electronically and printed out to be signed or it can be printed out and filled out by hand.

Vaasa consists of school districts and pupils are assigned to schools based on their official home address. It is possible to apply for a change of school district. Apply using this form (please note that the form is in Swedish): Application to change school district


Vasa övningsskola does not arrange any preschool during the school year 2021-2022.

Follow the information provided in the City of Vaasa homepage:

Morning Care (Morris)

Supervised morning care is offered for registred pupils in grades 1-2, from 7.30 to 8.00.

Registration to Morris for the school year 2020-2021 is done on this form (open 7.1.2021-5.6.2021).

Afternoon Care (Eftis)

Afternoon care for pupils in grades 1-2 at Vasa Övningsskola, i.e. Övis Eftis, is arranged by the parents’ association Föräldraföreningen för fritidsklubben i Vasa centrumområde r.f.

Registration to afternoon care for the school year starts every year in January.

Övis Eftis’s home page is found at It includes information about the afternoon care, monthly news letters, contact information etc.


Föräldraföreningen för fritidsklubben i Vasa centrumområde r.f. (parents’ association)
Kyrkoesplanaden 11-13
65100 Vasa

Anna-Karin Berg, director
Phone: 040 5947 004

Pernilla Ljungqvist, administrative director
Phone: 050 5922 809

Updated 11.1.2021