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Konferenssi: Queer Shepherds

Konferenssi: Queer Shepherds


to 19.9.2019 –pe 20.9.2019

The focus of the XII SQS seminar for Lesbian, Gay and Queer Studies & International Autumn School and Conference of IARG is on the intersections of queer, religion and spirituality.

Queer Shepherds may be understood as governance and authority in religious and spiritual contexts that involve normativizing practices, social control, discriminatory processes or even abuse of sexual and gender minorities.

The term “Queer Shepherds” may also signify a variety of guiding practices, rituals and leadership that shape new religious and spiritual subjectivities and empower queer agencies, often transcending dominant hierarchical structures.

The conference is open to all and free of charge, but registration is required. Please register no later than August 30th at:

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