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FITech ICT vid Åbo Akademi

FITech ICT vid Åbo Akademi

FITech ICT vid Åbo Akademi

FITech ICT vid Åbo Akademi

Åbo Akademin FITech ICT tarjonta koostuu perustason moduulista digital kompetens sekä syventävän tason opinnoista teemoilla Industrial Internet, Cloud Services samt Safety-critical and autonomous systems. Syventävät opinnot on tarkoitettu aiemman teknisen taustan omaaville ihmisille, jotka haluavat päivittää tai syventää osaamistaan.


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It might be time to update your digital competences.

⇒ Digitalisation changes all parts of society by changes the structures, processes and ways of working.

⇒ A better understanding in digital competences improves your competences as a customer or orderer of software, and also gives you better possibilities to participate in general debates in the society.

⇒ The basic courses in programming teach what programming is, present the main concepts and terminology in the area, and also gives practical skills to build simple programs.

⇒ After taking the course kravhantering av mjukvarusystem you have the theoretical and practical knowledge in the methods, techniques and tools of a software system, which eases your discussion as a customer to a software development company.


How to participate in the studies in digital competences?

Start with the course Introduktion till informationsteknologi (next time available summer 2020) and Programmering I (next time available academic year 2020-2021). Thereafter you can freely choose between courses kurserna Interaktiv design och användbarhet (01-03/2020), Kravhantering av mjukvarusystem (01-03/2020), Programvaruutveckling och projekt (04-05/2020), Programmering II (academic year 2020-2021) or Databaser (01-03/2020), depending on what interests you

Please note that all of these courses run in Swedish.

More information for each course can be found in Studiehandboken

The enrolment for FITech ICT studies take place via

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