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Workshop: Survey experiments and public opinion research

Workshop: Survey experiments and public opinion research


ons 24.4.2019 10.00–tor 25.4.2019

Inom projektet Deltagande i långsiktigt beslutsfattande (Participation in Long-term Decision-Making, PALO) ordnas en workshop med temat ”survey experiments and public opinion research”. Mera info på engelska:

There is a growing scholarly interest in various types of survey experiments in the study of political behavior. This workshop focuses on empirical studies that examine the behavior of citizens and elites, with a particular emphasis on experimental methods. Keynote speakers are Diana Mutz (University of Pennsylvania), Rune Slothuus (Aarhus University), Sofie Marien (University of Leuven) and Patrik Öhberg (University of Gothenburg).


The event is free of charge and open to all.

Registration: Register by 15 April 2019 at

Please contact Lauri Rapeli,, for more information.

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