Temenosföreläsning 2018

Vid årets Temenosföreläsning föreläser Justin Beaumont (Honorary Research Fellow, Queen Mary University of London) över temat “Postsecularity or reflexive secularization? Assessing where we stand today”. Föreläsningen hålls i auditorium Helikon, Arken, den 12 decebmer kl. 18–20.

Abstrakt: In this lecture I address the concepts, processes, and antagonisms that are associated with the notion of postsecularity. I present five rubrics on the postsecular derived from critical theory and an argument for “reflexive secularization” to assess where the debate across the social sciences and humanities rests today. “Reflexive secularization” focuses on secularization processes and how these practices unleash complementary as well as antagonistic tendencies, a confrontation of normativities and specific social-empirical challenges. Social-empirical analysis should focus on non-naturalistic relations between individuals occupying structurally equivalent positions in narrative networks that takes plurality of values and norms seriously. From this basis, I turn towards ideas on the decolonization of the secular/ postsecular dyad or “otherness”, with ramifications for reconceiving the urban in an age of megaurbanization. I try to show how these ideas enlighten both an emerging new paradigm for studies of decolonial urban postsecularity, with quite specific implications for new theoretically-informed social-empirical research.

I samband med Temenosföreläsningen delas Donnerska institutets forskarpris ut till Dr Henni Alava (Helsingfors universitet) för avhandlingen There is Confusion.’ The Politics of Silence, Fear and Hope in Catholic and Protestant Northern Uganda (2017). 

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Arrangörer är Religionsvetenskapliga sällskapet i Finland och ämnet religionsvetenskap vid Åbo Akademi. Evenemanget är gratis och öppet för alla. Välkommen!

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