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Thermal and Flow Engineering – research and researchers

Thermal and Flow Engineering – research and researchers

The main research topics of the Thermal and Flow Engineering Laboratory concern engineering processes, where energy conversion and thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer and fluid mechanics play important roles.

The laboratory studies aspects related to iron and steel making based on mathematical modeling and data mining techniques. Special attention has been paid to the analysis and interpretation of signals from the ironmaking blast furnace.

In the field of multiphase flow, the laboratory develops models and numerical methods for describing complex flows, paying special attention to problems of practical importance in industry, e.g., in fluidized beds and handling of granular matter. The research includes both theoretical and experimental work.

Aspects concerning energy distribution and conservation are actively studied, including optimization on distributed energy and heat-exchanger networks and co-production and distribution of district heat and cooling. New energy systems studies concentrate on the use sustainable energy sources such as thermal infrared radiation (TIR), and other “zero-fuel” energy technologies.

Waste processing and recycling studies focus on the recovery of energy and materials from waste streams such as sewage sludge, PVC and other plastics and polymers, automotive shredder residue, oil/water mixtures, etc.

In the field of soft computing, the laboratory studies the use of neural networks and genetic algorithms in tackling complex modeling and optimization engineering problems.

Research in the field of carbon capture and storage (CCS) involves developments of mineral carbonation methods for CO2 long-term storage using Finland’s vast resources of magnesium silicate mineral. The production of carbonates of industrial waste materials and by-products is also studied.


Research staff


Professor Henrik Saxén, professor in heat engineering

Professor Ron Zevenhoven, professor in engineering thermodynamics and modeling

Senior Lecturer Frank Pettersson, docent in modeling, simulation and optimization of systems in process engineering


Laboratory Manager Alf Hermansson



Alice Bittante, Doctoral Student

Rickard Erlund, Doctoral Student

Carl Haikarainen, Doctoral Student: Energy Systems Optimization

Mikko Helle, Research Associate: Blast Furnace Modeling

Alia Joko, Doctoral Student

Evelina Koivisto, Doctoral Student

Daniel Legendre, Doctoral Student

Marketa Mikolajková, Sc.D.(Techn.)

Debanga Mondal, Doctoral Student: Circulating Fluidized Bed flow dynamics



Abhay Bulsari, docent in artificial intelligence in process engineering

Tom Fredman, docent i mathematical modeling of heat conduction with industrial applications

Tor-Martin Tveit, docent in technology of energy systems

Chuan Wang, docent in sustainable iron- and steelmaking

Updated 8.10.2019