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Study with us

Courses offered within The Sea 2021-2022:


The following courses offers knowledge and insight into the interdisciplinary research topics, concepts and methods of the research profile The Sea. The courses span the subjects Public Administration and Maritime Law, Environmental and Marine Biology, and Industrial Management at Åbo Akademi University.


MSc-level modules & courses:


“Environmental Governance module” (Miljöstyrning)

“Global environmental politics” (5 ECTS)

“Multi-level governance” (5 ECTS)

“Environmental Governance at the Local Level” (5 ECTS)

“Smart and Sustainable Maritime business module” (FITec)


Individual courses:


“Global Change Biology” (5 ECTS)

“Maritime and coastal spatial planning” (5 ECTS)

“Policy Processes in the EU” (5 ECTS)

“Introduction to Maritime Law” (Sjörätt) (5 ECTS)


Doctoral candidate-level & open courses:


“Solving wicked problems of the future ocean” (5 ECTS)

Summer School course 9-20.8.2021

ÅAU & Turku Summer School 2021

Updated 30.8.2021