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Events, News & Social Media

Events, News & Social Media

Stakeholder events and meetings:


13.08.2021 Rauhansymposium – Stability and sustainable development in the Baltic Sea region 2021, presentation on ”Marine environments – our resources for a sustainable future in a changing climate”, Uusikaupunki
23.02.2021 Baltic Sea Rotary Action Network Seminar, presentation on “Wicked Problems and Solutions”
09.12.2020 Rotaract seminar on “The Baltic Sea: State, Challenges and Solutions”
27.08.2020 Turku Europe Forum – three panel discussions on the EU and the Baltic Sea
29.11.2019 ”Människan & Havet” – Forum for research in the archipelago, Archipelago Centre Korpoström
10.10.2019 “Hur möter vi havet” – Stakeholder event at Hotel Arkipelag, Mariehamn, Åland Islands, organised by The Sea in collaboration with Östersjöfonden
19.09.2019 The Sea met with Ministry of Transport and Communications
12.09.2019 Smart Mobility & Ports (RAAS) meeting
11.03.2019 The Sea participated in Vesisuojelun Tehostamisohjelma discussion event, Helsinki
05.03.2019 Skärgårdshavets vinterträff, presentation by The Sea on “The life in the archipelago today and tomorrow”
27.02.2019 The Sea participated in the FINMARI Researchers Day, Helsinki
20.12.2018 “Keeping a check on phosphorus – new solutions to Archipelago Sea eutrophication”, research and stakeholder event by UTU and ÅAU sea profiles, Turku
09.10.2018 The Sea participated in a workshop on “Future of Finland’s Maritime Cluster”, Turku


Seminar series & recurrent meetings


“The Sea Seminars”


This is an internal working seminar series held about once a month. If you are interested in joining, please contact us (thesea@abo.fi – or Magnus, Nina, Henrik or Anna).


“The Sea Webinar Series”:


09.06.2020 The first webinar in this series was held on wicked problems and the situation in our coastal waters of the Baltic Sea, featuring some of our marine biologists


ÅAU & UTU joint seminars:


07.05.2021 “The Marine Carousel” – Wave Riders, a Marine Research and Teaching Network for the Humanities and Social Sciences, organized an event where researchers from the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University presented their marine-related studies


ÅAU & UTU “Marine and Maritime”- Annual meetings:


26.11.2019 “2nd Annual Seminar of ÅAU and UTU joint thematic profiling area of Sea and Maritime Research”, Scandic Julia, Turku
22.11.2018 “Joint WS on Marine and Maritime research”, BioCity, Turku


Art & Science – Events & projects:


2021- 40 000+ – an exhibition in Forum Marinum which combines maritime and marine themes with the marine environment and the archipelago in a way that takes both the inhabitants’ and the surroundings’ perspectives into account
2020-2021 Forcing the impossible (Avtryck i det okända)
2020-2022 Relations with The Sea – art- and science exhibition during 2021-2022
2020-2021 Mareld – A dance performance by Fern Orchestra, first performed at Turku City Theatre in September 2020
2020 Aqua Vivae – exhibition in Vanhalinna, Lieto by Fern Orchestra
2019- Breath – a Bio-light art installation by Fern Orchestra, first displayed at LUX Helsinki 2019




ABOAGORA is an annual symposium bringing together various aspects of academia, the arts, and society:


21.08.2020 ”The Sea – A living Lab” – workshop during the thematic year WATER
22.08.2018 “The Wicked Ocean” – workshop during the thematic year Burden/Skuld


Baltic Sea Day


Baltic Sea Day is a annual festival to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and nature of the Baltic Sea. Åbo Akademi is one of its official partners and the Sea participates in several events:


26.08.2021 Kynä vie merelle – luovan kirjoittamisen työpajat/Pennan tar en till havet – workshoppar för kreativt skrivande (in Finnish & Swedish) – creative writing workshops regarding observations of the Baltic Sea, feelings and memories
27.08.2020 Seminar at Forum Marinum, Turku


Archipelago Centre Korpoström


We collaborate with the Archipelago Centre Korpoström regarding exhibitions and other activities for the general public.


Community service – Events & projects:


2020- Vem äter blåstång/Kuka syö rakkolevää (in Swedish & Finnish) – a citizen science project on bladderack algae and its animal community
20.09.2020 Turku Day – The Sea took part in organizing the Clean-up of the Aura River event


2019 Turku Science Days:


2019 SciCruise – a science and technology festival for school children and their teachers as well as families on board Viking Grace


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