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Annual enrollment for already registered students

Annual enrollment

All degree students and doctoral students need to enroll as present or absent every academic year. The annual enrollment 2021-2022 is done online via the Oili-service; deadline for enrolling is 3.9.2021 at 15.00.

You pay the student union fee at the same time as you enroll. The student union membership fee for the academic year 2021-2022 is 64 euro, 32 euro per semester. Previous years the student health care fee has been a part of the student union membership fee, but from 1.1.2021 onwards the student health care fee is paid directly to KELA.

Are you a newly admitted student? Read our information on enrollment as present/absent – new admitted degree students.

How do I enroll?

Enrollment for the academic year/autumn semester opens in May every year. Annual enrollment is done online in the Oili-system. You can enroll online if:

  • You have a working user account at ÅAU.
  • You have been enrolled as present or absent during the previous academic year.
  • You have the right to enroll, i.e. you have study time left.

In case you are not sure in the autumn whether you would like to be enrolled as present or absent in the spring semester, we recommend that you enroll as absent for the spring semester. Do not leave the enrollment undone. If you do not register for the academic year, you will still study time. If you do not enroll before the deadline, you will have to apply for re-entry into the student register and pay a re-entry fee of 35 euros.

The online enrollment is registered in real time. If you are unsure if you have done your annual enrollment, you can check your enrollment status yourself. Log in to the study-planning tool and go to your profile and attendance data. You need to be enrolled as present in order to graduate.

If you cannot enroll via OILI, the reason might be one of the following:

Please contact the Student Service Desk immediately if you have any problems with your enrollment.

Personal enrollment

If you have paid the student union membership fee as a manual payment and used the regular reference number or you have paid at a bank abroad, you will need to enroll personally. This means that you need to send or bring the receipt to the student service desk before the last enrollment day at 15.00. You can for example send the receipt as an attachment by email to studinfo@abo.fi. The receipt can be a screenshot from your online bank where the filing number is visible.

Enrollment as absent

Enrolling as absent also need to be done during the enrollment period. If you are enrolled as absent, you cannot get credits registered.

You can enroll as absent:

You cannot enroll as absent in the following cases:

  • If you already have a study right at Åbo Akademi University and you receive a new study right, you can be enrolled as absent on the new study right only for lawful reasons.
  • If you are taking courses at other universities through the JOO-system (flexible study right) you need to be enrolled as present at Åbo Akademi University.
  • If you are doing exchange studies within your study entitlement at Åbo Akademi University and your studies will be included in your degree at ÅAU.
  • A student who is subject to the rules of limited study time (i.e. the study time has ended) cannot enroll at all before they have been granted extension to the duration of studies.

Changing your enrollment for the current semester

You can cancel your enrollment as present for the current semester by contacting Education services. In order to change your enrollment for the autumn semester or for the whole academic year, you will need to contact Education services by the last day of the semester. Enrollment as present can be changed to absent only as long as you have not gotten any credits during the semesters. Enrollment as absent can be changed to present as long as you have present semesters left. You can receive a refund for the Student Union Membership fee by contacting the Student Union Office before 30.9/31.1.

Notification of studies abroad

  • If you study abroad (exchange studies, language training, internship, research visit) as part of your degree, you need to be enrolled as present for the duration of your time abroad.
  • Please remember to enroll for the whole academic year!
  • Also, remember to inform the International Office that you are studying abroad by filling out this form.
  • This is mandatory for both bachelor and master degree students as well as for doctoral students. Doctoral students who work at Åbo Akademi University also need to contact personnel services (hr@abo.fi) if they are going abroad for a research visit.


Enrollment for the spring semester

  • If you are a degree student or a doctoral student and have enrolled as absent for the spring semester, but wish to change your status for the spring semester to present, you can do that by paying the Student Union fee (32 euro for the 2022 spring semester) in Oili.
  • Oili is open for the spring semester enrollment between 1.12.2021-14.1.2022 15.00 (Helsinki time).
  • Note that if you have enrolled only for the autumn semester and you receive your degree during the autumn semester, you cannot enroll for the spring semester anymore after graduating.


Doctoral students

Doctoral students also need to enroll as present or absent every academic year. The enrollment is done within the same time period as bachelor and master degree students, the deadline is 3.9.2021 at 15.00 (Helsinki time).

  • As a doctoral student, you are entitled to be a member of the Student Union, but it is not obligatory.
  • The Student Union fee for doctoral students is the same as for degree students. Read more about the student union membership fee on their website.
  • Doctoral students are not entitled to student health care and do not need to pay the student health care fee.
  • Doctoral students who wish to become members of the Student Union follow the same enrollment procedure as other degree students (see above).
  • If you want to enroll as present but not be a member of the Student Union, please contact studinfo@abo.fi.
  • Please also note the information about notification about studies/research visit abroad.

Updated 28.9.2021