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Process Design and Systems Engineering – research and researchers

Process Design and Systems Engineering – research and researchers

Process and production optimization as well as environmental engineering and energy technology are the central research fields at Process Design and Systems Engineering.

The research in process and production optimization is mainly focused on the development of numerical methods for solving mixed-integer non-linear programming (MINLP) problems with applications in process synthesis and production planning. Applied topics that have been given a great deal of attention during recent years are the solution of scheduling problems pertaining to the paper, paper converting, metal, food and pharmaceutical industries. Further information about the research in this field can be found from the OSE-group’s webpage.

In the field of environmental engineering, research interests are in in-duct sorbent injection flue-gas desulfurization and wet desulfurization methods.

In the field of energy technology two main research areas are focused on. The first research area concerns heat and mass transfer in paper drying. The other research area is energy recovery from by-products and waste streams by supercritical water gasification (SCWG).


Research staff


Anders Brink, Professor of Process Engineering

Tapio Westerlund, Professor emeritus of Process Design

Frej Bjondahl, University Teacher in Process Design


Mikael Nyberg, Laboratory Manager


Researchers and doctoral students

John Dahlbacka, D.Sc.(Techn.), Process systems engineering

Jan Kronqvist, D.Sc.(Techn.), Process systems engineering, acting University Teacher

Andreas Lundell, PhD, Process systems Engineering

Ida Rönnlund, Doctoral student, Energy technology

Anders Skjäl, PhD, Process systems engineering



Iris Winberg



Jarl Ahlbeck, docent in environmental engineering

Carl-Gustav Berg, docent in process design with heat and mass transfer applications

Cataldo De Blasio, docent in process design with environmental engineering applications

Iiro Harjunkoski, docent in process systems engineering

Markku Karlsson, docent in drying technology

Nenad Milosavljevic, docent in drying and energy utilization in the pulp and paper industry

Lars Nyström, docent in process engineering

Joakim Westerlund, docent in process design with applications in production economics

Updated 11.10.2019