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Political Science with Mass Communication – staff

Political Science with Mass Communication – staff

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Tom Carlson (deputy 01.03.2018–31.07.2019)

Senior Lecturers:

Claus Stolpe
Tom Carlson (on leave 01.03.2018–31.07.2019), substituted by Janne Berg
Kim Strandberg (on leave 01.03.2018–31.08.2021), substituted by Jenny Lindholm

University Teacher:

Klas Backholm (media)


Kim Strandberg
Peter Söderlund
Andreas Fagerholm
Marina Lindell
Jenny Lindholm
Janne Berg

Doctoral Candidates:

Aleksi Suuronen
Johnny Engström
Thomas Karv
Johanna Holm
Fredrik Westerlund (Totalförsvarets Forskningsinstitut, Stockholm)
Per Thunholm (Försvarshögskolan, Stockholm)
Henrik Hägglund (Försvarshögskolan, Stockholm)

Other personnel:

Maria Hofman-Bergholm (on leave)

Updated 1.10.2018