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Nordic Conference in Social Studies Didactics 2022

The role of social studies in the Nordic countries – explaining changes and crises

Nordic Conference in Social Studies Didactics 4–6.4.2022


Dear participant of the NOKSA 3-conference in Vaasa!

We regret to inform you that the NOKSA 3-conference planned for 5-7.10 2020 is suspended. The conference was originally planned for 30.3-1.4 2020, but we had to postpone the conference due to the Corona Pandemic. We could not predict the strength of the Pandemic, and the universities in Finland have in June decided that we are continuing with distance learning and distance working until the end of October 2020 perhaps longer. The host of the conference, Åbo Akademi University, has decided that external visitors are not allowed on our campuses during the autumn of 2020. We do not know what the travel regulations will be during the rest of 2020, so we do not have any other solution than to suspend the conference. Although this will not come as a complete surprise, we realize that this may cause all kind of practical inconveniences for which we sincerely apologize. The health must still be first priority and we do not want to take any risks with this unpleasant virus.

Instead we want to invite you to the NOKSA 3-conference on 4-6.4 2022. The reason why the conference is now postponed until 2022 is that NOFA 8 is going to be held in Bergen 18-20.5 2021. Many researchers in social studies didactics are usually highly active in the NOFA-conferences, so we do not want to compete with another important conference. We have already discussed with the NOFA-hosts about the possibility to hold a “noksa-symposium” in Bergen, after that we are coming together in NOKSA 3 in Vaasa 4-6.4 2022.

The conference in 2022 is basically a new conference, possibly with another theme. The first invitation is coming immediately after NOFA 8 in Bergen. During the autumn of 2021 we will ask you to send in abstracts and to register to the NOKSA-conference.

We will repay the fee for the April/October 2020-conference. If you have questions about the conference fee, or other practical questions, please contact the conference secretary Carina Österåker, carina.osteraker@abo.fi.


The organizing committee


Updated 6.7.2020