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Mathematics – research and researchers

Mathematics – research and researchers

Research groups

Mathematics in Åbo Akademi is actively engaged in high level research in algebra, functional analysis, stochastics and applied mathematics, and statistics.

Functional Analysis

The two main themes in the functional analysis group are the study of the structure of function spaces, and mathematical systems theory with applications to control theory and mathematical physics.

  • Function Spaces and Operator Theory
  • Mathematical Systems Theory

Stochastics and Applied Mathematics

The research objectives of the group are the development of mathematical theories and analysis of models coming from problems in other sciences as well as other branches of mathematics.

  • Stochastics
  • Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics
  • The Finnish Doctoral Programme in Stochastics and Statistics

Number Theory and Applied Number Theory




Mikael Lindström, professor in mathematics, Head of subject

Research interests:
Functional Analysis, Operator Theory and Complex Analysis. More precisely: Carleson type measures, integration operators, composition operators and Toeplitz operators on weighted Bergman spaces of infinite and finite order, essential norms and spectra of operators on various Banach spaces of analytic functions, homomorphisms on uniform algebras, interpolating sequences for analytic function spaces, duality problems for Banach spaces of analytic functions and invariant subspace problems.
Recent publications

Paavo Salminen, professor emeritus in mathematics

Handbook of Brownian Motion – Facts and Formulae
By  following this link you find a complete list of relevant changes/corrections made in the second edition of Handbook of Brownian Motion – Facts and Formulae, published in the year 2002 by Birkhäuser Verlag. These are incorporated into the corrected reprint of the second edition published in the year 2015.

Any comments/questions can be addressed to Paavo Salminen (e-mail: phsalmin (at) abo.fi) and/or Andrei Borodin (e-mail: borodin (at) pdmi.ras.ru).
Recent publications

Jukka Corander, professor in Statistics (part-time)


Christer Glader, senior lecturer in Mathematics, docent

Recent publications

Mikael Kurula, senior lecturer in Mathematics, docent in Applied Mathematics

Research interests: Mathematical control theory and its applications.
Webpage: http://users.abo.fi/mkurula/


Docents and Ph.D. Researchers

  • Patrik Eklund, Ph.D., Docent
  • Göran Högnäs, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Docent, Phone: +358 2 215 4224, Webpage: http://users.abo.fi/ghognas/
  • Andreas Lundell, Ph.D., Docent in Applied Mathematics
  • Alexandr Mylläri, Ph.D., Docent in Applied Mathematics
  • Reino Vainio, Ph.D., Docent, Lecturer Emeritus
  • Brita Jung, Ph.D.
  • Santeri Miihkinen, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Students

  • Andreas Anckar
  • Henrik Fagerholm
  • Tarja Höglund
  • David Norrbo
  • Neea Palojärvi
  • David Stenlund
  • Mikhail Stepanov
  • Niklas Wikman

Updated 8.1.2020