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Library services from 3rd March 2021

Library services from 3rd March 2021

Updated 17 May 2021

Is the library open?

  • Service units Academill Library, Arken Library, ASA Library and Book Tower are open for all patrons.
  • See Alma for our current opening hours. Please note, Axelia Library is closed.
  • The reading room in Book Tower is open for all patrons.
  • The reading room in ASA Library is open for ÅAU and Novia affiliated patrons only. HID-key required.
  • Visitor limits: no more than 10 persons (Turku) / 50 persons (Vaasa) are allowed in the service unit facilities and in the service units’ reading rooms, respectively.
  • Study rooms are no longer booked in advance, but can still only be occupied by 1 person at a time. All study rooms are not available.
  • The reading room of the Archive Collections is open for all patrons but only by agreement. Please book your appointment and order archival materials at manus@abo.fi (manuscripts) and picture@abo.fi (pictures).

How and what may I borrow/request?

  • Items are borrowed, requested and reserved in normal fashion, with the exception of items that belong to Axelia Library.
    • Items that belong to Axelia Library must be requested in advance in Alma. Applies to available items too. An e-mail is sent out when the item can be picked up at Book Tower.
  • The number of request is temporarily limited (staff 25; students ÅAU/Novia 15; others 10).