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Effects on library services due to the system change

Effects on library services due to the system change

The library has implemented, Ex Libris Alma, a new library management system. The Alma interface will remain as the search service but there will be some changes for the users.

Logging in to Alma

  • Students and staff at ÅA or Novia will use the ÅA/Novia credentials (Haka-login). When logging in for the first time, the user has to connect the library card to the user account, by submitting an e-mail address.
  • Other users will order a single-use login link to their e-mail. The address needs to be the same one that the patron has notified the library. The user will have to log in this way every time.

PIN code

  • You need a new PIN code in order to use the self-checkout machines. The PIN code must consist of four numbers and you can change it under My account in Alma.


  • In some situations, there might still be problems with requesting books. Ask the staff for help.
  • Reservations made before 19.12 need to be done again.


  • Not all e-resources are working properly yet

New lending policy

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the system change.