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ÅAU Library temporarily closed

ÅAU Library temporarily closed

The Åbo Akademi Library is closed until further notice as of 18.3.2020.

  • Due dates that would taken place between 16.3–17.5 are being pushed forward until 18.5.2020.
  • No late fees will accumulate while the library is closed.
  • Loans cannot be returned while the library is closed.
  • The expiry date for collecting requested books has been pushed forward. It is not possible to collect requested books while the library is closed, and we cannot send requested books by post.
  • Interlibrary loan services are also closed.
  • While the library is closed you can reach us by e-mail (library@abo.fi) or by phone +358-2-215 4180 (Monday–Friday 10am–4pm).

E-reources remain in service and accessible for ÅAU and Novia affiliated users, and additional resources are made available (read more).

Teachers: Do you need to substitute print course readings with e-books? Contact us library@abo.fi with purchase suggestions.