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Information Technology – research and researchers

Information Technology – research and researchers

Research Laboratories and Groups


Software Technology Research Center

Johan Lilius, Professor in Computer Engineering, Embedded Systems
Ivan Porres, Professor in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering
Jan Westerholm, Professor in Computer Engineering, High Performance Computing with Technical Applications

Mats Aspnäs, Senior Lecturer in Information Processing
Jerker Björqvist, Senior Lecturer in Computer Engineering, Embedded Systems; Docent in Wireless Broadcasting
Sébastien Lafond, Senior Lecturer in Computer Engineering, Embedded Systems
Kristian Nybom, University Teacher in Computer Science; Docent in Communication Technology
Luigia Petre, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science; Docent in Networked Systems
Hannu Toivonen, Professor emeritus
Elena Troubitsyna, Research Associate, Docent in Dependable Systems
Dragos Truscan, Senior Lecturer in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering; Docent in Model-based Software Design and Testing
Adnan Ashraf, Research Associate
Sepinoud Azimi, Research Associate, Docent in Biomedical Data Analytics
Bogdan Iancu, Research Associate
Andreas Lundell, Research Associate, Docent in Applied Mathematics
Inna Vistbakka, Research Associate

Johan Ersfolk, Affiliated Researcher
Simon Holmbacka, Affiliated Researcher
Mats Neovius, Research Associate

Doctoral Students
Jesús Carabaño Bravo
Amin Majd
Mikael Manngård
Andrei-Raoul Morariu
Hergys Rexha
John-Eric Saxén
Fatima Shokri-Manninen
Faezeh Siavashi
Srboljub Stepanovic

Laboratory Manager Valentin Soloviev
Laboratory Technician Marat Vagapov


Computational Biomodeling Laboratory

Research Associate Eugen Czeizler

Doctoral Students:
Krishna Kanhaiya
Victor Bogdan Popescu
Muhammad Usman Sanwal

Distributed Systems Laboratory

Senior Lecturer Luigia Petre
Marina Waldén, Senior Lecturer in Information Processing, Distributed Systems; Docent

Petter Sandvik, University Teacher in Computer Science

Doctoral Students
Mojgan Kamali
Fatima Shokri-Manninen


Embedded Systems Laboratory

Professor Johan Lilius

Doctoral Students
Sudeep Kanur
Wictor Lund
Lawrence Nwaogo


Software Engineering Laboratory

Professor Ivan Porres

Doctoral Students
Tanwir Ahmad
Benjamin Byholm
Junaid Iqbal
Faezeh Siawashi


Affiliated researchers

Linda Mannila, Research Associate

Research associates and assistants

Andi Domi, Research Associate
Salman Aslam Gill, Research Assistant
Patrik Hillner, Research Assistant
Hilding Lindén, Research Assistant
Masinde Mtesigva Masinde, Research Assistant
Frankie Spencer, Research Associate


Ralph-Johan Back, Professor em.
Patrick Sibelius, University Teacher em.


in addition to those above

Pontus Boström, Docent in Software Correctness
Jussi Salmi, Docent in Bioinformatics
Jarkko Paavola, Docent in Dynamic Spectrum use in Wireless Communications

Updated 18.10.2019