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Activity and staying at the station

Activity and staying at the station

Fucus vesiculosus in Djupviken, under vattnet
Photo by Riikka Puntila

Husö Biological Station is an important part of the Environmental and Marine Biology at Åbo Akademi University. The station is used as a base for research and education in aquatic ecology at the department. Annually 3-4 field courses are arranged for biology students. Each year 3-5 MSc students conduct the practical part of their thesis at the station and nearly as many PhD students. In addition, each summer a few trainees are employed at the station to assist researchers and aid in various tasks. The trainees will therefore get practical experience in aquatic biology. Through the cooperation with the Government of the Åland Islands, regional environmental monitoring and research emphasising water quality is carried out at the Husö Biological Station and around Åland. The station has one full-time employed head of the station and a station assistant. During the field season (April-October) about 10-20 researchers and students work at the station. The activity at the station is financed by several different instances and authorities, for example:
– Åbo Akademi University
– The Government of Åland
– The European Union
– Various Finnish and Nordic Foundations

Staying at the station

Contact the station management about your stay at the station. An application form should be filled out before arriving to the station (only intended for scientists and students staying for longer periods). Information on the period of your stay, the need for equipment, special diet and other wishes should be filled out in the form. You can download it here:

Applicationform [pdf] 14k

The sooner we receive the form the sooner we can plan the season and arrange for your stay. Please notify well in advance of your arrival so that transports can be arranged to the station for you. The dormitories include 2-5 persons rooms. Lunch and dinner are served in the dining room on weekdays (small fee). During the weekends you will have to prepare your meals yourself. There are laundry facilities at the station. Please remember to bring your own sheets, towels and indoor shoes. Do not forget to write your name in one of the guest books when you arrive and in the other one before leaving the station for the season.

There are stationrules and instructions that are to be followed. Read them here before you arrive or read them as soon as possible after you arrival. Download the pdf here: Instructions to the station [pdf] 15k

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact the station assistant or the head of the station (+358-18-37310). We hope you will enjoy your stay!

View of the shore with som people on their way to boats

Updated 21.2.2019