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Geology and Mineralogy – research and researchers

Geology and Mineralogy – research and researchers

Professor Olav ”Joffi” Eklund
Research interests:

  • Igneous petrology
  • Bedrock geology of the Fennoscandian shield
  • Environmental mineralogy:
    • carbonation of mafic silicates
    • best lime stone for desulphurisation
    • micas as ammonium adsorbators

Research projects

Identification of potential flake-graphite ores in the Fennoscandian shield and utilization of graphene (FennoFlakes) (01.09.2015 – 30.07.2019)


Senior lecturer Peter Österholm
Research interests:

Sulfur and metal geochemistry in soils and waters, with particular focus on environments affected by acid sulfate (AS) soils. Current research projects include: metal speciation in waters, sulfur speciation in soils, spatiotemporal hydrochemical element patterns in Boreal river, estuary and lake environments, methods to map AS soils, mitigation methods on farmland AS soils, risk mapping of peatland AS soils. I am currently main supervisor of three doctoral students within enivonmental geochemistry.


University teacher Fredrik Strandman

Undervisar grundkurser i geologi


University teacher Kaisa Nikkilä

Main research interests are structural geology, analog modeling and tectonics. Currently the research focuses on the structural analysis and tectonics of the Southern Finland migmatite complex.

Teaching responsibilities: field methods, basic geochemistry and microscopy, and supervising the bachelor and master thesis in bedrock geology.


Laboratory engineer Sören Fröjdö


Project researcher Alf Lindroos

Research interests

  • Radiocarbon dating of mortar
  • Analytical methods: PIXE/PIGE


Forskardoktor Miriam Nystrand


Forskare och doktorander

Stefan Mattbäck, FM

Jenny Palosaari, FM

Miradije Rama, FM

Staffan Nylund, FM

Anna Saukko, FM

Krister Dalhem, FM

Jon Engström, M.Sc

Updated 1.3.2019