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FPV – administrative staff

FPV – administrative staff

Management and Faculty Support Services

Head of Faculty Administration Anna Smirnoff

Planner: Michaela Lithén

Secretaries: Christoffer Forsblom, Nina Strandberg, Nina Bäckman, Anne-Lie Haglund


Education Services

Academic Affairs Coordinator Anna Buss (leave of absence), Susanne Nylund-Torp (substitute)

Study Advisors

Katarina Lövholm-Rodas, Nina Kallio (leave of absence), Jannika Backholm (substitute), Anna Smedlund, Britt-Marie Storbacka, Katie Mills (International Affairs)

Student Affairs Officer

 Ann-May Nordmyr


Research Services

Research Coordinator Anna-Maria Nordman


Financial Services

Controller Anna Fredriksson
Controller ÅA Susanna Finskas

Financial Secretaries

Petra Hansson, Christopher Larsson, Carina Strömfors, Ann-Christine Sydholm, Catharina Thors-Mäkinen, Charlotta Acquah


Personnel Services

HR Specialist: Malin Österholm-Liljedahl

HR Secretaries:
Anne Nummi, Jenny Taxell

Updated 20.11.2019