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What Can We Learn From Sámi Education?

What Can We Learn From Sámi Education?


Mon 5.4.2021 17.00–18.30

Minority Research Public Talk, Monday, April 5 at 17:00-18:30

What Can We Learn From Sámi Education?
Speaker: Dr Pigga Keskitalo

In my presentation, I will describe the long path of Sámi education from church measures until today’s school practices. Cultural colonialism, assimilation, accepting the linguistic and cultural needs, revitalisation, and regularization of equity and education are issues that describe the Sámi education development. I will also present key research and what needs to be done in the near future to be able to build a healthy future for Sámi children and youth. In addition, I will present what mainstream education has to learn from Sámi education.

The talk is on Zoom

Meeting ID: 649 7885 8000
Passcode: 846900

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