Seminar: Future research on LGBTQI issues in Finland?


Fri 11.1.2019 12.15–Sat 12.1.2019 17.30

At this seminar, keynotes from across Europe will tap into the issue ‘what are relevant and urgent questions for future research on LGBTQI’ from their respective perspectives and horizons. In addition, some ongoing research projects at Åbo Akademi University will be presented by Panda Eriksson and Minna Laukkanen. Additional researchers from Finland such as Dr Julian Honkasalo and Dr Jukka Lehtonen will provide input and critical comments. Hopefully the discussions will nurture thoughts and ideas on new research projects.

This seminar is part of the Åbo Akademi University profile on minority research. It is open to students, researchers, activists and people engaged in NGO:s and similar organisations.

Main keynotes speakers:

Dr Erika Alm (University of Gothenburg): “Towards sustainable scholarships on trans and intersex: critical studies of cisnormativity.”
Dr Rusi Jaspal (De Montfort University Leicester): “Enhancing Sexual Health, Self-Identity and Wellbeing among Men Who Have Sex with Men. A Guide for Practitioners.
Dr Tuula Juvonen ( University of Turku): “The Finnish closet in a historical perspective.”
Dr Ruth Pearce (University of Leeds): “The politics of trans health: condition or movement?”
Dr Luca Trappolin (University of Padova):  “The mobilizations of LGBT organisations in Europe between homo-normativity and homonationalism: challenges and opportunities.”

The seminar starts 12.15 on Friday and ends nor later than 17.30 on Saturday.  A dinner on Friday evening will provide additional space for discussions. Coffee, lunch and dinner are included in the registration fee of 50 euros. The number of participants is limited.

Please register no later than the 3rd of January at:


Peter Nynäs                Professor at Åbo Akademi University
Rusi Jaspal                 Professor at De Montfort University Leicester (UK)
Mikko Väisänen          Executive director of Pirkanmaan Seta

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