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Aboagora 2019: Earth

Aboagora 2019: Earth


Wed 21.8.2019 09.30–Fri 23.8.2019 18.00

The Earth – planet Tellus, on which we live – is a fundamental aspect of human life, spanning the past as well as our present situation, and our hopes for the future.

In 2019, Aboagora deals with the element of earth through multi-disciplinary discussions with e.g. archaeologists and geologists but also engaging fields such as eco-theology, environmental history, literature, geography and political sciences to illuminate the fundamental groundedness of humanity in soil and dust – as a metaphor within the arts, as a concrete evolutionary process, and as a moral demand of care and indebtedness.

Aboagora consists of keynote lectures, workshops, and diverse artistic interventions. This year’s presentations will discuss the concrete historicity of earth and forests, examine underground ecosystems and study identity, belonging and being in place – and much more.

Registration runs until Friday, August 9. Please register at https://konsta.utu.fi/Default.aspx?tabid=88&tap=7604


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