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Energy Technology – research and researchers

Energy Technology – research and researchers

Margareta Björklund-Sänkiaho

Cataldo De Blasio, Associate Professor (tenure track), Docent in Process Design with Environmental Engineering applications

Research interests:

  • Biofuels Production: The research relates to syngas production including Gas-to-Gas reactions; technologies like Supercritical Water Gasification of biomass derived from agricultural and industrial waste as an alternative way of producing green fuels; Hydrothermal Liquefaction of biomass to produce bio-oil.
  • Chemical reaction engineering of CO2 and SOx co-capture processes: The research aims to find new and more efficient solutions in Greenhouse gases abatement. Mathematical modeling of heat and mass transfer in wet Flue Gas Desulfurization, investigating new process conditions and raw materials.

Research activities are done with several partners in Finland and abroad.

Jessica Tuuf
Research Associate



Seppo Niemi, Docent in Internal Combustion Engine Technology and Engine Fuels


Researchers and Doctoral Students

Kaj Jansson
Doctoral student in Process Design and Systems Engineering

Charlotta Risku
Doctoral student in energy and environmental technology


Recent books

Book cover of De Blasio, Fundamentals of Biofuels, Engineering and Technology

Cataldo De Blasio, Fundamentals of Biofuels Engineering and Technology (2019), Springer
ISBN 978-3-030-11599-9
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Concluded research projects

PoDoCo: Design, konstruktion och testkörning av pilotanläggning för småskalig avfallsförbränning (2016-2017). Samarbetspartner: Ferroplan Oy. Finansiär: Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation. Contaktperson: Jonathan Fagerström.

Doctoral project: David Agar (2015). The Feasibility of Torrefaction for the Co-firing of Wood in Pulverised-fuel Boilers. Doctoral Thesis. Åbo Akademi University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry.

Agar, D, DeMartini N, Hupa M. (2016). Influence of Elevated Pressure on the Torrefaction of Wood. Energy and Fuels 30 (3), pp 2127-2136

Begränsande av mikrobiell aktivitet vid lagring av energiflis (Mikrobitoiminnan rajoittaminen energiahakkeen aumavarastoinnissa).
Forskningsgrupp: MMT Anneli Ylimartimo, FM Mia Jämsén, FT Laura Vertainen JAMK, TkD Margareta Wihersaari Åbo Akademi
Finansiär: Suomen Luonnonvarain Tutkimussäätiö 2013-

Sustainable Bioenergy Group – SusBio

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