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CLL by the numbers

CLL by the numbers

The Centre for Lifelong Learning at Åbo Akademi University and University of Applied Sciences Novia:

  • has nearly 90 employees in Turku, Vaasa and Jakobstad.
  • has a an annual turnover of approximately EUR 6 million.
  • offers open higher education opportunities for approximately 3,000 studeents a year, with roughly 2,000 at ÅAU Open University (ÖPU) and 1,000 at Novia OpenUAS (YH). In 2018, approximately 17,000 ECTS were earned at ÅAU Open University. Half of the ECTS were earned by ÅAU students and the other half by non-degree students at Open University. 4,800 ECTS were earned at OpenUAS.
  • offer continuing education modules in the education sector to some 8,000 participants each year within the framework of an extensive project roster consisting of some 30 projects, most of which are funded by the Finnish government.
  • oversee extensive project activities involving some 20 national and international development projects, which are primarily funded by the EU.
  • offer over 100 courses at the Language Centre each year in Turku and Vaasa. In 2018, approximately 6,800 hours of instruction were given and 10,700 ECTS were earned at Language Centre. Language revisions were conducted on approximately 1,300 theses.

CLL Annual report (in Swedish only): Verksamhetsberättelse 2018 (pdf)


Updated 23.3.2020