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kansler Ulrika Wolf-Knuts
Chancellor Ulrika Wolf-Knuts.

Ulrika Wolf-Knuts
Chancellor 1.1.2015–31.12.2019.

By virtue of the special provisions pertaining to Åbo Akademi University as given in the Universities Act, Åbo Akademi University shall have a Chancellor. The duty of the Chancellor is to promote scientific activities as well as the interaction of the University with society, to look after the general interests of the Åbo Akademi University and to oversee its operations. The Chancellor also awards titles of Docent.

To be elected Chancellor, the individual is required to have served science, art or the university system with distinction. The University Collegiate Body appoints the Chancellor for five years at a time.


Phone: +358 46 921 6296 or +358 2 215 4380 (ÅAU)
E-mail: ulrika.wolf-knuts@abo.fi

Address: Tuomiokirkontori 3
FI-20500 Turku

You can also contact the Chancellor by way of the Executive Assistant Johan Berg
phone: +358 50 433 2683
e-mail: johan.berg@abo.fi

Chancellor’s CV (in Swedish): Meritförteckning Ulrika Wolf-Knuts.
A photography for media to use: http://web.abo.fi/pressmaterial/kansler_UWK.jpg

Updated 26.6.2019