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Supplementary studies for non-degree students (extra students)

You can apply for a right to study as an extra student in order to complete one or a few courses offered at Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU).  Extra students participate in daytime courses. They study under the same conditions as regular students at the university. There will be no special arrangements. Supplementary studies do not give you the right to graduate.

You can apply for supplementary studies if you are currently living in Finland and have the need to complete one or a few specific courses offered at ÅAU. Supplementary students are not entitled to student financial aid or any other social benefits for students. Studying as a supplementary student does not give the right to study as a regular student at ÅAU, nor does it constitute an eligible basis for a visa application.

How do you apply?

  1. In order to know what courses you can apply for it is advisable to contact the study advisor at the faculty or the subject you are interested in.
  1. Once you know, which course you wish to complete you can fill this application form.
    You can apply for courses offered one term (autumn or spring term) or the academic year (autumn and spring term).
    If you have questions regarding the study right or if you want to send attachments to your application e-mail extra@abo.fi.

Once the application is processed, we will send the decision about the right to supplementary studies to you by e-mail.


If you are granted a study right for supplementary studies you will have to pay a fee of 50 euros per term to The Centre for Lifelong Learning at ÅAU. The fee has to be paid even if you do not complete the course(s).

More information: extra@abo.fi

Camilla Lundström (Turku/Åbo), 02 215 4276.
Annette Hartvik (Vaasa/Vasa), 050 383 4315

Updated 10.8.2021