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Special language and writing support

Special language and writing support

Special language and writing support is a project at the Language Centre developed with the intention of offering extra language and writing support in Swedish and English. As part of the project, the Language Centre is in consultation with the university’s faculties.

Undergraduate and graduate students in the process of writing their theses and who for various reasons need more help than what is offered in the form of courses in academic writing and text consultation are primarily those supported by the project. Within the project, two parallel writing-support courses have been developed, the course Språket i avhandlingsprocessen for students writing their theses in Swedish and Developing Thesis Writing Skills for those writing in English. Pilot versions of the courses were held in the autumn of 2021, and the hope is that the courses can be incorporated into the Language Centre’s curriculum in the longer term as well. The idea of the courses is partly to help students improve their language skills so that they better match the requirements for academic language use in a thesis, and partly to offer a supportive and encouraging framework for the writing process, so that the probability of completing the text increases.

Questions regarding the Swedish course version can be sent to Kati Palmberg at kati.palmberg at abo.fi; questions about the English version may be directed to Malin Johansson at malin.johansson at abo.fi.

In addition to the courses, the Language Centre produces language and writing support materials that will be posted on Åbo Akademi University’s Moodle platform, in a resource bank that is open to ÅAU students and staff: Language resources (requires ÅA login).

The project Special language and writing support has strategy funding.

Updated 3.3.2022