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A few years ago, this collaborative project was launched by FINELC (the network of Finnish university language centres). The aim was to produce materials, instructions and pedagogical models to support the digitalisation of language teaching. The results were collected on this website: https://2digi.languages.fi/

During the years 2021–2023, a continuation of this collaboration remains underway and participating from ÅAU’s Language Centre are Katarina Ohls-Ahlskog and Sarah Mattila. The 2digi2 project focuses on four different theme areas:

  1. learning outcomes in a digital age
  2. generic skills and general competences needed in working life
  3. students in need of special pedagogical support
  4. how to build relationships within digital teaching

The purpose is to create materials and guidelines that can benefit language centre teachers, independent of subject, when increasingly more teaching is taking place fully or partially digitally.

Updated 25.1.2023