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Personal profile analysis

Personal profile analysis

A personal profile analysis may help you to become more aware of your working style and priorities in working life. By increasing your self-consciousness it is easier for you to identify and describe your strengths and weaknesses. The analysis is indicative and focuses only on a part of you, it does not take a stand on your intelligence or professional competences.

The personal profile analysis tool used at the Career Services is procuded by SLG Thomas International and it is done online. The analysis is based on the words you choose to describe you and it is done online. Based on what words you choose to describe yourself with the analysis gives insight in how you react to your surroundings, your current approach to working life, motivational factors and possible future prestations.

Contact the Career Services in order to do the personal profile analysis. After answering the questions online you will have a feedback discussion with the Career Services PPA Thomas expert.

Updated 26.1.2018