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Quality management

Quality management

As stated by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC), the quality management procedures and methods of Åbo Akademi University are in compliance with the national criteria for the purpose of ensuring the high, international quality of the operations. Accordingly, Åbo Akademi University received a quality label for another six years – to be valid until 14 March 2022 – and will be included in the national FINEEC Audit Register.


In accordance with Åbo Akademi University’s quality management system, each and every employee and student is responsible for the maintenance of quality at ÅAU. Some individuals and units are tasked with specific duties in order to draw attention to quality-related aspects within the university activities.

The Vice-Rectors are in charge of quality management. They are responsible for developing the quality management system, drawing up a development plan covering several years, and monitoring projects in order to improve the operational quality.

The Vice-Rectors are supported by Quality Coordinator Ole Karlsson.

E-mail: kvalitet@abo.fi
Phone: +358 (0) 2 215 4168

The Quality Coordinator is responsible for the implementation of the development plan and reporting on the operations and individual projects. The duties include following the developments at national and international levels, coordinating projects (for example, surveys, evaluations and process reviews) as well as compiling and disseminating information on the quality of operations.

Updated 15.5.2020