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Rector in Vaasa

Rector in Vaasa

Lisbeth Fagerström.
Lisbeth Fagerström.

Lisbeth Fagerström

Phone: +358 50 320 4612
E-mail: lisbeth.fagerstrom@abo.fi


Address: Rantakatu 2
PB 311
65101 Vaasa


The Rector in Vaasa is also the chair for the Delegation for Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa. The Rector for Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa is stationed in Vaasa.

The assigned Rector’s duties take up 30% of the overall working hours. The special duties of the Rector in Vaasa include developing Åbo Akademi University’s community relations.

The term of office of the Rector in Vaasa is the same as that of the Rector –31.7.2024.



Updated 15.5.2020