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Grant researchers

Grant researchers

A grant researcher is a person who is conducting research at the University with a personal research grant or a scholarship. As a grant researcher you are not employed by the University, which means that there are some special issues to be aware of and to take into consideration.

Working as a grant researcher does not form an employment relationship, and therefore the benefits based on employment legislation and collective agreements do not apply to the grant researcher. This means, for instance, that you are not insured by the University in any manner and do not enjoy the occupational health services.


As a grant researcher, you are liable for taking out and paying for necessary insurance policies yourself, including, for instance, accident insurance, travel insurance, unemployment insurance and pension isurance.

Mela insurance: statutory pension and occupational accident insurance
If you pursue research work financed through a Finnish grant for at least four months, and the grant amounts to at least EUR 3900 on an annual level (in 2019), you must subscribe to statutory earnings-related pension and occupational accident insurance with the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela.  Mela’s insurance also includes group life insurance and short-term sickness security. It can be complemented with voluntary non-occupational or leisure-time accident insurance.

You can apply for the insurance when you have received information about having been awarded a grant and are about to begin the grant-funded work. The application must be submitted within 3 months after having started the work. You can apply for the full statutory insurance coverage with the same insurance application. Please check the details from Mela.

After taking the Mela insurance, you can also be covered under the Finnish social security system.

Social security

Researchers who receive a grant but are not considered self-employed persons may be entitled to Finnish social security benefits. Please read more about Social Insurance and Health Care.

Updated 4.7.2019