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Sixties in the United States som nätkurs via Öppna universitetet

Sixties in the United States som nätkurs via Öppna universitetet

Välkommen på nätkursen om 1960-talets USA! Kursen går på engelska, är helt nätbaserad och öppen för alla intresserade.

“Dylan, Berlin, Bay of Pigs Invasion… Birth control, Ho Chi Minh, Richard Nixon back again.” From JFK to Woodstock via Selma and Saigon, this course examines the 1960s as the pivotal decade in modern United States history. Topics will range from social phenomenon such as changes in family structure and consumer culture to cultural transformations like the student movement and the struggle for civil rights to political developments, including the rise of movement conservatism and the Vietnam War. Appreciating the contested character of the sixties, we will discuss the decade as a time of both progress and decline.

Welcome to the Open University online course Sixties in the United States (5 ECTS)!
Time: 1.6-2.8.2020
Teacher: FM Oscar Winberg

Student work and examination: The course is offered as an online course, employing a variety of recorded lectures, digital materials, online readings and assignments.
Learning objectives: Upon completion of the course, students are expected to show an understanding of the main themes of 1960s U.S. history and the importance of the sixties in modern history. Students will also be capable of critical readings of relevant historical source material and able to develop coherent historical arguments.

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Last date of registration: 22.5.2020: