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Turku School of Behavioral Sciences

Turku School of Behavioral Sciences (TSBS) is an umbrella organization supporting and coordinating research and education in psychology and logopedics in the Finnish-speaking Turku University and the Swedish-speaking Åbo Akademi University. The two universities share a centrally located campus area in the historical city of Turku (established 1229) at the southwest coast of Finland.

The four units comprising TSBS are Psychology at the Turku University, Psychology at the Åbo Akademi University, logopedics at the Turku University, and logopedics at the Åbo Akademi University. These four units educate psychologists and speech-language therapists with their MA programs that run in Finnish (Turku University) and in Swedish (Åbo Akademi University). Annually, a number of courses are also provided in English for exchange students. The four units also provide researcher education as Ph.D. studies and post-doctoral training. Researcher education can also take place in English. All in all, TSBS has a staff of about 80, including 12 professors.


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